U.S. Jewish Leader Speaks Out Against Unfair "Road Map" Demands


Speaking from New York, Jewish community leader Howard Winkler spoke out this week against the unfair demands that are facing Israel. It’s no surprise that these demands fit right into terrorists’ demands that are designed to destroy every Jew from their homeland, Israel.

On the out of scope road map issues, Winkler gave these remarks:"The Arabs want more prisoners released and the security fence torn down. Neither of these items are or were part of the ‘Road Map’ agreement. Israel is releasing the prisoners only as a goodwill gesture and from pressure from the rest of the world to do so. But they should not be pressured into allowing themselves to be left unprotected. The security of the fence is not the issue. The Arabs are afraid that they will not be able to continue their suicide bombings if there are deterrents such as the fence and will use every means necessary in order to weaken the security of Israel in preparation of the continuation of suicide bombings against civilians.

"Remember, the terrorist organizations have not been disarmed as per the ‘Road Map’ agreement, they are in a 90 day hudna which is a temporary cease fire in order to re-arm and gain back their strength to once again attack Israel. The Europeans know this and support it. The Americans are somehow blind sighted and are being misled by State Department Arabists who have other agendas."