Troops in Iraq Detain Seven, Unearth Weapons Caches

(AFPS) Coalition and Iraqi forces captured seven suspects and seized weapons in Iraq over the past three days, military officials said. Coalition forces captured two suspected members of Iranian-backed “special groups” during operations in the Adhamiyah district of Baghdad.

One of the suspects, an alleged weapons smuggler and militant trainer, is linked to high-profile attacks on coalition and Iraqi security forces, military officials said. Troops discovered numerous weapons and ammunition on site after detaining the primary suspect and an associate.

In a two-day raid that culminated today, Multinational Division Baghdad soldiers seized weapons in the Rashid district of southern Baghdad. Soldiers from 64th Armor Regiment, attached to the 4th Infantry Division’s 1st Brigade Combat Team, found a homemade bomb, assault rifles, a pistol and ammunition.

“The 1st Brigade continues to be steadfast and loyal as we assist the [Iraqi security forces] and Iraqi security volunteers in providing a safe and secure environment where the people live and work,” said Army Maj. Dave Olson, brigade spokesman.

In separate operations yesterday, coalition and Iraqi forces unearthed four weapons caches in Iraq. The stockpiles included assault rifles, ammunition, grenades, military equipment and roadside bombs.

During other operations, Multinational Division Baghdad soldiers detained three suspects in the Rashid district of southern Baghdad. Troops detained one suspect in the Doura Market area, and nabbed the two others as they attempted to transport weapons through the Saha neighborhood of the Zubaida area.

MDB soldiers also detained two wanted individuals and discovered a munitions cache in the Rashid district of southern Baghdad. One of the suspects allegedly is a special groups member, military officials said.

Iraqi security forces and Multinational Division Baghdad soldiers uncovered weapons in Baghdad. The combined caches contained homemade bombs, mortar and grenade rounds and launchers, military equipment and bomb-making materials.