The Transporter

By Jeff Shannon
Israel O’ Connell contributed to this story

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Move over, Vin Diesel and The Rock, ’cause the Transporter is leaving Europe to take care of business across the pond. Hong Kong action veteran Corey Yuen is teaming up with French film phenomenon Luc Besson once again for a second round of Transporter action. Currently in production, a bigger and better film than the original has been promised, but one can only expect it after seeing how the original Transporter was Yuen’s first English-language directorial debut.


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"The Transporter" starred top-billed British action hunk Jason Statham–previously seen in "Snatch," and "The One"–playing a hard-driving courier for well-heeled underworld clients. He follows simple rules: (1) Stick to the deal; (2) Don’t ask names; and (3) Don’t look in the packages he transports. All was well until he violated rule 3, discovering a Chinese beauty (Qi Shu) in the trunk of his tricked-out BMW, and foiled a deadly plot to smuggle Chinese slaves through the port of Marseilles.


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The first hour is ass-kickin’ fun, and the stuntwork is impressive throughout, even as the plot degenerates into a predictable series of bone-breaking showdowns. Statham boasts an appealing combination of brains and brawn, suggesting the suave versatility of a promising career.

Coproduced by action auteur Luc Besson and filmed on dazzling French locations, The Transporter is an action fan’s delight.