Acts of Terror Disrupted

MOSCOW, APRIL 22, 2003 –The Ingushetian police arrested a group of terrorists preparing a big terrorist attack in Russia’s North Caucasus region.

Officials said Tuesday, they were found to be in possession of dangerous explosive materials; 50 kilograms of hexogen and aluminum powder.

Reportedly, police officers had noticed something suspicious about a car traveling through an intersection and stopped the vehicle for further inspection. During the routine check of documents, one of the terrorists in the car produced a grenade and attacked the officers with it and another terrorist, also posing as a passenger, opened gun fire. Three of the police officers were wounded in the exchange. One terrorist escaped and is currently being pursued, however, four of the terrorists were arrested, and the materials were confiscated and are being further investigated.

A Ministry spokesman said the four terrorists are being held in the town of Karabulak.
According to doctors treating the wounded police officers, they will all recover and they are in stable condition.

Anti-Terror Measures in the U.S.
The Toronto Star is reporting arrests of two men in Michigan who had been videotaping Ambassador Bridge. The arrests in the U.S. on Sunday in Dearborn, Michigan; may have thwarted a terrorist attack; police officers while on routine patrol noticed suspicious activity by two men who were in the process of videotaping the Ambassador Bridge. Their suspicions proved to be accurate as they found dynamite and several shotgun shells in their car. Also found were photographs of immigration papers and a tape recorder.

The men reportedly have been turned over to the FBI and their background and circumstances are being investigated. Willie Hulon, a special agent with the FBI in Detroit told the Toronto Star, "we are trying to find out what their motivation was…"
Officer Najor, with the police said “even though the homeland security level has been lowered, we’re still patrolling our borders, and we’re not taking any chances with our city.”

Several million vehicles crossing via the Ambassador Bridge every year and manages about 25% of all trade traffic between the United States and Canada.

Source: RIA Novosti