Terrorists Strike Kibbutz Metzer


2 children and 3 adults were killed. Two victims were killed in a dining room, and a mother was killed as she tried to shield her two children from the bullets.

Sources say the shooting went on for about 10 minutes before security forces arrived, apparently the terrorist eluded police.. Their search led the IDF to a munitions factory in Gaza City, where military helicopters fired at least eight rockets. It’s expected that the terrorist was killed at the munitions site.

David Baker, from PM Sharon’s office gave this official statement: "Israelis in their own homes were brutally targeted by Palestinians terrorists."

Police say they have prevented 3 terrorist attacks in the past week. Earlier on Sunday a car with 2 men in it were atttempting to cross into Israel in an open field near the kibbutz and was ordered it to stop, upon the order to stop the vehicle for questioning, the suspected terrorists blew themselves up on the spot.