Tehran Apparently Doubts Seriousness of
EU Concern Over its Nuclear Programs

TEHRAN (RIA Novosti, by Nikolai Terekhov) — Spiritual leader and highest authority of Iran Ayatollah Ali Khamenei appealed to the EU to regard the talks on the Iranian nuclear programs more seriously.

"We are very serious about our talks with EU officials. However, they have to regard these talks with the same amount of responsibility for assumed obligations as we do," Mr. Khamenei’s statement published on Sunday says.

According to the Iranian leader, Iran "unfortunately, does not see that the EU has serious intentions."

The head of the Iranian state recommended that the EU did not follow the position taken by the United States and Israel and refused to accept their influence on the negotiation process dealing with agreements reached between Iran and the EU earlier.

Tehran continues to maintain dialogue with the EU. In accordance with preliminary agreements, Iran suspended its uranium-enrichment programs. In exchange, the EU promised to support Iran’s bid for accession to the WTO, to cooperate in the fight against terrorism and to assist Iran in the election of a legitimate government.

Three working groups (political, scientific and economic) have been formed to implement the agreements.

In the light of recent threats on the part of the United States and Israel to conduct military operations against Iran, the foreign media announced that the dialogue between Iran and the EU on the issue of Iranian nuclear programs had been suspended.