Nothing Settled About Settlements
By Chuck Chriss

There is a world-wide consensus that Israel’s so-called "settlements" are a bad idea. Here are some typical quotes, clipped from the news in the last few days:
"[Settlement activity] severely undermined Palestinian trust and hope. It preempts and prejudges the outcome of negotiations and in doing so cripples chances for real peace and security. The US has long opposed settlement activity, and, consistent with the report of the Mitchell Committee, settlement activity must stop." (US Ambassador Daniel Kurtzer, reported in Jerusalem Post, 12-4-02) (Full Story)

"We shall knock on heaven’s doors with the skulls of Jews" – Hamas
By Itamar Marcus

The Palestinians have reported that recent talks between the Palestinian Authority and the Hamas have led to a strengthening of cooperation. Indeed numerous terrorist attacks have been executed by joint Hamas – PA terror teams. Given the increased PA cooperation, the political messages of the Hamas take on greater significance. (Full Story)

Follow the Money
by Chuck Chriss 

On the Palestine Facts website, JIA has a page titled “What is known about the PLO’s finances?” The facts show that the PLO, and the Palestinian Authority that evolved from it, have reaped the rewards of terrorism in the form of literally billions of dollars in assets plus a cash flow estimated to be 1.5 to 2 billion dollars per year. This enormous financial empire provides ample resources for Arafat’s continuing control of the Palestinian terror/security forces and hence his unshakable grip on power. The money and the absolute control it has bought for Arafat have also spawned corruption on a vast scale, as documented on the page titled What about corruption in the Palestinian Authority in the territories they control? (Full Story)

Memorial Farm Splits Unity Government
DEBKAfile Special Report–The stormy controversy that erupted over a Jewish farm set up near Nablus in memory of Gilead Zar, who died in a terror attack on a West Bank road, bares once again the deep seam running down the middle of Ariel Sharon’s national unity government. This seam the prime minister consistently papers over at whatever cost to national assets and his credibility as a consensual leader. This time might be harder than usual, although, if Sharon runs true to form, he will tuck this crisis too out of sight. (Full Story)

Israel doesn’t follow UN resolutions, so why attack Iraq?
by Chuck Chriss

That question is being heard frequently during the debate on US policy and plans against Iraq. The full question seeks to know why the US supports Israel with aid and military cooperation and the US does not condemn Israeli "violations of international law". Yet the US wants to attack Iraq for such violations. If both countries are in violation of UN resolutions, what is the difference?
The real agenda with such questions is to try to focus attention on Israel’s alleged "violations of international law" and to undermine US support for Israel. The answer requires a review of what UN resolutions have been passed on the subject of Israel and its neighbors, what is their actual content, and what have been the actions of the parties involved, not just Israel? (Full Story)

Be Wary of Deadly Coral Snake Posing as Harmless Skipjack Snakes
The Oslo Architects, Department of State officials, the U.N., the New York Times, the Washington Post and human rights activists have heralded Dr. Sari Nusseibeh, a key PLO operative and the President of Al-Quds University, as a man of peace. Really?!
     IN A JANUARY 21, 2001 LETTER TO SADDAM HUSSEIN, NUSSEIBEH WROTE: "In the name of Al-Quds University… allow me to express the admiration of the Palestinians for your honorable positions… You represent the vanguard of steadfastness… We, in Jerusalem, are inspired by you… We are proud to belong to a nation, which considers you a symbol of resistance and a symbol of its greatness… We are certain of your support…" Ten years earlier, DURING THE 1991 GULF WAR, NUSSEIBEH WAS ARRESTED BY ISRAEL’S POLICE FOR COLLABORATING WITH SADDAM, in an attempt to improve the accuracy of Saddam’s Squad missiles fired at Israel. (Full Story)

NCSJ Lauds President’s Focus On Religious Rights
NCSJ expressed its appreciation today to President George W. Bush for emphasizing religious freedom during his visits to Moscow and St. Petersburg. According to Russian Jewish Congress President Yevgeny Satanovsky, the President was very warm and friendly during his one-hour visit to the historic Grand Choral Synagogue in St. Petersburg earlier today.
     Following his meeting with leadership of diverse Jewish community organizations, President Bush noted: "And one of my strong beliefs is that people should be free to worship, and I’m pleased that that’s taking place here in Russia. It’s important for this country that religious freedom flourish and there be tolerance of all faiths." (Full Story)

Jerusalem Still Doesn’t Get It!
By Yoram Ettinger

ISRAEL: President Bush and his administration have outflanked Israel from the right in their hawkish battle against terrorism. During his March 30, 2002 press conference in Crawford Texas, the President repeated five times his support of "Israel’s right to defend itself," refraining from any explicit or implicit arm-twisting of Israel. In fact, for the first time since Sept. 11, 2001, he has publicly lumped together the US war on Islamic terrorism and Israel’s war on Palestinian terrorism. (Full Story)

President Bush’s Valiant Battle Against Terrorism
By Yoram Ettinger

This week portion of the Torah (beginning of Exodus) features Moses and the Burning Bush. IT IS RELEVANT TO PRESIDENT BUSH’S VALIANT BATTLE AGAINST ISLAMIC TERRORISM. I recall that President George W. Bush was greeted, at his Austin United Methodist Church, upon winning the Nov. 2000 election, by his friend, Pastor Michael Craig. Pastor Craig employed the metaphor of Moses: We’ve just crossed the Sea; we’re following you to The Mountain, and together we shall reach The Promised Land. (Full Story)

L.A. County Sheriff Baca with Hatzolah

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Hatzolah: Emergency Medical Technicians for Rapid Response in the Community
From saving lives after the attacks at the WTC to search and rescue in L.A. Hatzolah is the eyes, ears and hands of the physician until help arrives on the scene.
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