Stealth Surfer – Internet Freedom Again


Fitting in the palm of your hand, stealth surfer allows anyone to keep their privacy and feel a little like James Bond. Stealth surfer is a power-packed gadget that can store all of your sensitive internet information and keep it secure.

The best part is that everything is simple, so you can use Stealth Surfer from virtually any computer on the globe with Windows and an internet hookup. Literally just plug it in and you don’t have to worry about nosy friends looking up what you did while you used their computer or techy thieves lifting your credit card information after you used a computer at a cyber café. Stealth Surfer promises that you can avoid the problem of leaving digital fingerprints on every computer you touch by moving your internet activity away from the computer you are using to the stealth device itself. The device achieves this through the software it uses. Let’s take a look inside…

Once plugged into your USB Port, Stealth Surfer is active and ready to go. All that is needed is a double click on the removable Stealth Surfer drive from “My Computer” and then double click on the locked contents.

The main window displays the heart of the Stealth Surfer: two main programs and two supporting programs. To view web pages, Stealth Surfer provides you with Firefox, the rising star of web browsers that’s easier to use than Microsoft’s Internet Explorer and noticeably faster. To send and receive e-mail, Thunderbird provides an experience that is very similar to Microsoft’s Outlook Express and that can easily be setup to migrate over all your old e-mail. Putting the “Stealth” in Stealth Surfer is the “Anonymizer” program, and organizing all the login passwords you type in for viewing your favorite websites is “Robform”.

This mini software suite is everything you need to enjoy the internet privately from anywhere. Turn on the Anonymizer and the Internet IP Address (akin to a physical street address for a house on a map) for the computer you are using disappears like a cloaked aircraft. This feature adds extra security and peace of mind especially when researching such sensitive subjects as health issues.

Stealth Surfer additionally provides a solution to those needing to transfer data quickly and effectively. In an age where floppies are long obsolete and CDs are a hassle to burn, Stealth Surfer is a portable drive that can be used to easily port around important data. When on the go, Stealth surfer can also store large downloads.

Overall Stealth Surfer is a perfect companion for veteran computer users who want to stay secure no matter where they are. For new and novice users, simply reading the manual will get you up to speed and ready to surf the web. Heavy downloaders and those who like to store year’s worth of messages in their email box will want to get a larger capacity Stealth Surfer to ensure there are no memory limitations.

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