Tom Clancy’s
Splinter Cell


You’re an elite super spy, fighting to save freedom, but it isn’t always easy! You’ll find yourself shadowing the enemy to penetrate terrorist hideouts and using all your skills and wits to survive.

Quarter moonlit nights provide cover as you avoid detection, jump roofs, and escape exploding buildings. Keys to tracking down the enemy are secrets that you get only from your contacts. Your mission: to seek and retrieve intel while staying as stealthy as possible!

The NSA (National Security Agency) has issued forth the program “Third Echelon”–an operation using elite teams of spies called “Splinter Cells” to gather information about possible threats to the United States of America.

You assume the role of senior NSA operative Sam Fisher; a bulky ex-Navy SEAL and former CIA agent, who can kick any terrorist’s ass! As you can imagine, he can do split jumps between walls and end up suspended 5-6 feet up! Playing Sam, you get a variety of different gadgets and weaponry. From guns to fiber optics, you must use them all correctly and with precision. For example: on some missions you won’t want to shoot everybody you see, because it may be necessary to interrogate your captive for vital information or drag him to a retina scanner to penetrate restricted areas.

When starting, you’ll first have to get special training for your upcoming missions. The whole of the game is dependent on you keeping your actions slow and concealed, because one slip-up can lead to your demise. A lighted hallway could give you away, so you’ll want to get in the habit of killing the lights (with your gun or course). When traveling from shadow to shadow, you’ll also notice the little graphical ingenuities, like filtered lighting or fire. As you use your weapon, you’ll notice one of the game’s best features. You can feel the accuracy and the camera does a great job of working in your favor and switches to a first-person-like shooter view. You can move around and shoot at the same time–and you’re going to need the ammo action because the terrorists are many and are ruthless.

Everything is great fun and very interactive. For example: if you shoot at just any ol’ inanimate object, you’ll get to see the bullet mark. And if you feel the need to look under a door or two, just switch on to your fiber optics and it will look like your looking through a real camera!

The game boasts a Teen rating–there’s lots of action and suspense, but it’s not bloody! (for all of you rightly concerned parents out there). "Splinter Cell" is dynamic and intriguing–a must have for your XBox library. Head on over to the official Site HERE.