South Hall

Namco became station "Klonoa" this year. The little flying cat will have two games coming out soon; one for the PS2 and another for the GBA. Both look promising.


With the usual promotion of Spyro and crash, this year Universal did a good job of planning and went all out for the now blockbuster Jurassic Park III.


One of the biggest draws this year was Konami with Metal Gear Solid 2. People were sitting on the floor so they could catch new glimpses of "Metal Gear Solid 2," which is really Metal Gear IV. You can see the same movie over on our Sony Page.… Uh… Umm… My army friend seems to have just disappeared Strange.


Let’s Get out of here…


Hmm… It seems like Bill Gates is up to his old tricks again. It LOOKS like a real X-Box store, doesn’t it? But just try to pick something up! (sigh…) I guess we’re all just going to have to wait ’till the holidays.

This system definitely says "America", being super sized to double the size of the PS2 and Game Cube. No jokes here, but its game pads are designed for guys with big hands.


Let‘s see if we can make our way out of here now…





Ahh! LEGOS!!! YEAY! Ehh…heh 😐 I mean… Look how interesting these legos are. 🙂 It turns out, Steven Spielberg (pictured above talking to the man in the purple shirt) has allowed the lego company to mass produce his movie sets for kids to make movies with. It’s the perfect gift for any aspiring actor or child.


Are we at Midway? Or are we at at Ubisoft? A closer look says were between them. But as for Ubisoft; it seems that their their batman games have been overlooked this year. Pretty good stuff for PC gaming.



Ah… Time to get goin’…