Sonic Adventure DX: Directors Cut

By Israel O’ Connell

Sonic Adventure is back! Now with all new graphics, better gameplay, 12 extra sonic games (that’s right, 12!), and more; Sonic Adventure DX easily triumphs over any other game.

Dr. Eggman has found a new way to try and destroy the world: a creature called Chaos that, when it receives a chaos emerald, grows larger and more powerful. Dr. Eggman is out to get all seven chaos emeralds to create “Perfect Chaos” and take over the world… and, of course, only Sonic can stop him.

One of the great things about this game (among many) is the selection of all the GameGear games you can play after you get all the emblems. And what is GameGear? Well it was an old system made in 1991 that many Sonic games came out for. Nowadays its very hard to get a hold of the GameGear or any of its games. Sonic Adventure DX provides a great opportunity to play buried Sonic games like: Sonic Drift, Sonic Labyrinth, Sonic Triple Trouble, Tails Skypatrol, and many others among the twelve.

Another smart addition to the game is the mission mode, playable after finishing any of the 6 characters. This part of the game hides 60 different "clues" all over the 3 separate Adventure Fields in the game for you to find (For those who haven’t played the original Sonic Adventure, an Adventure Field is the place where the story develops, where all the levels are accessible from, and where you can choose what to do next; it presents an RPG aspect of the game). Now after finding these you have to complete the corresponding mission….. which could be in any of the over 30 levels of the game! Mission Mode is a great part of the game in the fact that it has a perfect balance of difficulty, intelligence, and of course fun. Making for a more enjoyable action experience that isn’t too hard.

Besides the big things then there are the ever so important details. There are so many things in here that were never in the original you wonder how you got along before! For example Sonic (and everybody else) is so much faster! Shading is also more realistic and the water effects have improved. These are just a few things to mention, but they all add to the look and feel of the game, making it both more beautiful and more intense.

As for gameplay, that is also very well done. Everything is much much smoother. The Homing Attack seems to have a longer range and works a lot better. The audio dialogue though, I hate to say, sounds forced and isn’t in sync with the characters’ lips during movies. The camera also tends to get in the way at times even with the option between "Free" and "Auto Camera."

Besides the dialogue and camera, Sonic Adventure DX is a great game and can be enjoyed whether you’ ve played the original or not.