Sonic’s Mega Collection


How does twelve games for the price of one sound? It may sound too good to be true, but Sonic Mega Collection offers a mega selection of classic Sonic titles as well as two hidden Genesis titles. Not only is the disc packed with games, but you also get tons of Sonic media and artwork. So, if you missed out on the games that rocketed Sonic and SEGA to stardom, or even if it was before your time, here’s your chance to discover the fun that people around the world have enjoyed for years.

Over the past decade, Sonic has gone from videogame mascot to Saturday morning cartoon star, and even scientists named a type of gene after him! What launched it all were the fast-paced non-stop action games for the SEGA Genesis (a.k.a. “Mega Drive” in the U.K. and Japan) that were good clean fun everyone could enjoy over and over again. It’s this constant theme which has led to continued success for Sonic on every SEGA platform since the “Master System”. But now Sonic changes into another gear with his second appearance on the Nintendo Gamecube. So, let’s fire it up and take a look!

Once everything gets going, “Sonic Mega Collection” offers you two core sections of Sonic content. You can go straight to the first seven available games, or you can take a look at the "Extras" section. Some gamers might notice that the overall layout of the game is very similar to the 1997 title “Sonic Jam” for the SEGA Saturn. “Sonic Jam” featured however only the first three main Sonic games along with the lock-on “Sonic & Knuckles” title. Besides the similarity in game selection, “Sonic Mega Collection’s” “Extras” section is filled with Sonic special features, just like “Sonic Jam’s” Sonic World.

Although “Sonic Mega Collection” offers a more simplistic presentation of Sonic imagery and info, gamers get a unique portion of goods this time around. For instance, people who’ve never seen the Sonic comic book will now get the treat to view one in its entirety, as well as several colorful covers in the series. The video collections also differ, but the two great Sonic CD videos are still included in place of the long missed game.

After watching a video or two or sampling Sonic’s comic book adventures, it’s time to test your gaming skills. At first glance, the game selection looks a little incomplete with all those question marks. It’s up to you to discover the secret in unlocking those hidden games, but here’s a clue. Play every game, and play ‘em a lot! Eventually, you’ll have the chance of playing the secret titles, such as the epic “Sonic 3 and Knuckles”. Prove you’re skills by getting all the Super Emeralds and play as Hyper Sonic, Hyper Knuckles, or Super Tails. In the meantime, you’ve got the adventure titles: Sonic the Hedgehog, Sonic 2, Sonic 3, Sonic & Knuckles, and Sonic 3D Blast; the pinball title: Sonic Spinball; and the puzzle title: Dr. Robotnik’s Mean Bean Machine

Now that you know what games are inside, you might want to know how well the games are adapted or if anything’s been changed–like the “spindash” option in “Sonic Jam’s” version of “Sonic the Hedgehog.” It may surprise some, but all the games are 100% perfect copies of the original cartridges—no edits or added characters. One thing… Some hardcore gamers might notice that the version of “Sonic the Hedgehog” you play is actually the Japanese version. Pretty good decision on SEGA’s part because the Japanese version of the game got the finishing touches (i.e. underwater effects in the Labyrinth Zone) U.S. gamers missed the first time around.

As a whole, “Sonic Mega Collection” is a great package for gamers who have played the games and want to get back and do it again, while also giving other players the chance to play these timeless classics. All for only $39.99, you’re looking at a great deal for something that took overall hundreds of game creators to produce and numerous years to complete! Speed on over to SEGA to get more info: HERE