The Scottish Games Alliance is probably the friendliest group you’ll meet at E3. Upbeat and energetic the companies which form the alliance, work hard to support the flowering video game industry from Scotland and the UK. Situated next to fort SEGA, the SGA packed their floor with offices for their members, with upraised roundtable seating outside. In a way, it was a new take on King Arthur’s roundtable, where strategy and discussion on the ever-going video game wars took place.

Part of the strategy to help UK developers is a $35 Million fund, announced at this year’s E3. Called the “Fund4Games,” Noble Fund Managers Limited (the investment arm of U.K.-based investment bank Noble Group) put the money together so that UK console and PC developers can avoid financial hurdles and mishaps in order to accelerate growth.

Additional support for UK game developers at E3 came from the UK Minister for E-Commerce, Douglas Alexander. "Some of the world’s leading games developers are already found in the UK,” said Alexander before his appearance at E3. “Our developers have gained a reputation for being innovative and original. Titles developed in the UK typically dominate the global best-seller lists. This fund will enable the UK games industry to build on this success, providing exiting new and innovative games to entertain us all."

The Scottish Games Alliance’s members definitely shine when it comes to new ideas for gaming. SGA member, Denki has proved this with their innovative puzzle game “Denki Blocks!”—a game which won the top “Stars” at last year‘s European Computer Trade Show (ECTS) in the Overall Best Game and Best Handheld Game categories. Now, in Britain, over 1 million of Sky Digital TV’s users have utilized the company’s new Pay2Play “Sky Active” service to join in on the fun of “Denki Blocks!”

Video games are popping up on almost every type of electronic screen you see nowadays; even cell phones are doing more than just taking calls. But are cell phones a viable platform for gaming? Well SGA member, Digital Bridges will sure show you that the answer is yes. Digital Bridges has revived the addictive classics of yesteryear (the 80’s) and has brought them back with a twist for us all to enjoy as well as creating new tittles that you’ll have to see to believe. With big US wireless companies such as Sprint upgrading to new systems, it won’t be long until you find yourself choosing a cell phone plan with a gaming package.

Though the Scottish Games Alliance may ride the wave of ingenuity, they still have their roots. After a long day of gaming at E3: Day 2, the booth closed down and it was time to break out the bagpipes and drink a toast to all that has been accomplished and the road ahead.

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