Senior Hamas Terrorist Shihab Na’atsha
Killed in Arrest Operation

IDF forces during arrest operation.

IDF Photo

(IDF) Tonight in Hebron, Shihab Na’atsha, a senior operative of the Hamas terror organization in the city and among the designers of the double terror attack in Dimona about half a year ago, was killed by IDF forces during an arrest operation.

IDF, Border Police and ISA forces carried out a joint operation this evening in Hebron to arrest wanted persons. During the attempted arrest of Na’atsha, Hamas terror operatives opened fire and launched explosive devices at the forces. The apartment where the terror operative was located housed explosives that were intended to be used in terror attacks.

Shihab Abad El Eziz Mahmed Na’atsha was jailed in Israel for his involvement in terror attacks, which included the manufacturing of explosive devices. He was released from prison in June 2006. A sort while after his release he returned to his activities with Hamas. A number of months ago, Shihab Na’atsha was wanted because of his involvement in the planning of the double suicide terror attack in Dimona that occurred last February, where two terrorists detonated explosive belts in the commercial and central district of the city. The terror attack killed an Israeli civilian and wounded dozens of other civilians, one of whom was wounded severely.

Since the terror attack in Dimona, the ISA carried out an intense investigation of Na’atsha’s collaborators and additional terror infrastructure members in order to secure his arrest. During the investigation it became known that Shihab Na’atsha was the manufacturer of the explosive belts that were used in the Dimona attack.

The ISA’s most recent investigation raised much information regarding Shihab Na’atsha’s prominent standing and activities in the Hamas terror organization, and information about Hamas’s infrastructure in Hebron. Information arose that Na’atsha was working on terror attacks on Israeli territory. Senior Hamas operatives, who operated with Na’atsha, were also released after having been jailed in Israel for prior crimes.