State to Saddam Hussein’s Collaborators?


Source: Yoram Ettinger, The Jerusalem Cloakroom

1. THE PALESTINIAN-IRAQI AXIS, established during WW2, when COLLABORATING WITH THE NAZIS, is solid. The Iraq-PLO axis was employed by the Soviets against the US and its Mideast allies. It has been reinforced – since the establishment of the PLO – by personal, ideological, financial, political and terrorist webs. It has been nurtured by the entire PLO political infrastructure, including Arafat and his top deputy, ABU-MAZEN, who was a chief architect of PLO ties with the USSR and East European ruthless dictators (Would the US consider removing Saddam, while anointing one of his deputies?!).

2. PLO/PA-CONTROLLED PALESTINIANS rejoice the execution of American POWs and the downing of US aircraft in Iraq. OL’ GLORY is burned in the streets of Palestinian towns, while Palestinian crowds hail Saddam, wave Iraqi flags and shout: "Death to Bush and America; With our blood and soul we shall liberate Iraq!"

3."THE USA/ENGLAND-LED CRUSADERS ARE RETURNING… They will corrupt our religion and education, rob our oil and plunder our lands," incited PLO-appointed senior clergy, Youssef Abu-Sneineh, during the Friday sermon, traditionally broadcast live on PLO TV and radio, attended by 30,000 Moslems at the Temple Mt.’s Al-Aqsa Mosque. During the warm-up for the March 7, 2003 sermon, another PLO-appointed clergy, Sheikh Jamal, fired-up the crowd: "The US Great Satan, the enemy of humanity, will be decimated by Allah, who will down America’s aircraft and drown its ships, handing Iraq a victory." (1991 REVISITED!).

4. FRIDAY INCITEFUL SERMONS, by PLO clergies at the Temple Mt., have been a leading moral authority for most Palestinians, shaping their worldview. The sermons – just like PLO’s education and media systems – reflect PLO’s strategy, more authentically than PLO rhetoric directed at Western ears.

5. PLO’s CHIEF MOSLEM AUTHORITY, Akrameh Sabri, called upon all Moslems to oppose the US, "which has systematically shed innocent blood, ever since the bombing of Japan… US terrorism against Afghanistan and Iraq must be opposed by all Moslems." He was preceded by Sheikh Jamal: "This is a war between the American infidel and the People of Truth; a war between the Infidel and Allah" (March 14 and Jan. 29, 2003 Friday sermons at the Temple Mt.). On Feb. 28, 2003, Sheikh Jamal aroused the Al Aqsa Mosque crowd: "Allah will execute Moslems who collaborate with the US and Britain." ALLAH DROWNED PHARAOH… and will drown the dwarf, THE PHARAOH OF ALL TIMES, THE AMERICAN PRESIDENT" (Mar. 21, 2003 Friday sermon at Gaza’s Sheikh Ijlin Mosque). On Dec 27, 2002, the PLO-appointed Muhammad Hussein incited, during his Friday sermon on the Temple Mt.: "Moslems face a challenge similar to the one faced by Iraq, when invaded by the Tatars (Mongols), faced by Spain’s Moslems who were assaulted by the Christians, and faced by Moslem lands invaded by the Crusaders."

6. 70% OF PALESTINIANS SUPPORT HOMICIDE BOMBING, suggests a March 8, 2003 poll conducted by the Gaza-based Palestinian Society for Development. PLO-directed clergy, education and media have nurtured such a state of mind!

7. Uprooting a terrorist state in Iraq, while calling for a terrorist (Palestinian) state west of the Jordan River, constitutes an OXYMORON. It would undermine vital US interests, unless one sacrifices proven track record on the altar of Oslo-style delusions.