The Roads of Terror Lead to Baghdad


The terrorist organization chart is part of key information given to the U.N. that shows Iraq is fueling terrorist network operations around the world including al-Qaeda and has been hiding it’s WMD activities to protect its ongoing terror operations. Intelligence sources have said that the 9-11 terror attacks on WTC and the Pentagon were planned with Iraqi support. To see U.S. Secretary Powell presentation click here. Click image for larger view.
Poisons and poison recipes with plans to kill thousands of innocent people have been discovered in counter terrorism operations in Europe. It’s a fast and furious fight against time for governments to root out terrorists who have entrenched themselves within their sovereign country and then stop terror attacks that are planned against their citizens. The terrorist machine has been in motion for years. Although there are countries known to sponsor terror, secretive Iraq has managed to sponsor terror while doing millions of dollars in business with countries like France and Germany.

However, most of the civilized world had a cruel dose of reality when terrorists attacked the U.S. on 9-11, killing citizens from over 80 countries. Suddenly governments realized that there was an evil enemy and it needed to be identified and stopped before more innocent people were killed. In the course of identifying the enemy, intelligence officials discovered an expansive global network of such magnitude, a terrorist organization of such strength, that it had to have a powerful sponsor of terror such as a country. And as intelligence communities shared pieces of evidence and information, they found that many paths led to Iraq. Both Saddam Hussein and al Qaeda have provided motives: world domination for one, a motive as old as history itself. Islamic extremists believe they have a mandate to conquer, destroy and replace every establishment with their leaders and ideologies. Mohammad Atta, the leader of the 9-11 terrorist group that attacked the WTC and the Pentagon, reportedly met with Iraqi intelligence twice. Sources believe that the 4th passenger jet was planned for an attack on the U.S. capitol in Washington D.C.

The September 11, 2002 issue of the al-Alilam newspaper is read by an Iraqi man. The cover features photos of Osama bin Laden, including one depicting the terrorist leader holding a mock severed head of President Bush. Another Iraqi paper continues the severe anti-American theme, showing photos of the burning Twin Towers, with the headline the ‘punishment of God.’

Photo by Faleh Kheiber / Reuters

In a delicate balance to protect intelligence sources, U.S. Secretary of State Powell gave the U.N. Security Council more in depth intelligence on the increasing danger to innocent civilians and world stability due to Iraq’s thirst for terror.

Powell said, "Iraq and terrorism go back decades. Baghdad trains Palestine Liberation Front members in small arms and explosives. Saddam uses the Arab Liberation Front to funnel money to the families of Palestinian suicide bombers in order to prolong the Intifadah. And it’s no secret that Saddam’s own intelligence service was involved in dozens of attacks or attempted assassinations in the 1990s.

"Our concern is not just about these illicit weapons; it’s the way that these illicit weapons can be connected to terrorists and terrorist organizations that have no compunction about using such devices against innocent people around the world.

"But what I want to bring to your attention today is the potentially much more sinister nexus between Iraq and the al-Qaida terrorist network, a nexus that combines classic terrorist organizations and modern methods of murder. Iraq today harbors a deadly terrorist network headed by Abu Musab al-Zarqawi an associate and collaborator of Usama bin Laden and his al-Qaida lieutenants.

"Zarqawi, Palestinian born in Jordan, fought in the Afghan war more than a decade ago. Returning to Afghanistan in 2000, he oversaw a terrorist training camp. One of his specialties, and one of the specialties of this camp, is poisons.

"When our coalition ousted the Taliban, the Zarqawi network helped establish another poison and explosive training center camp, and this camp is located in northeastern Iraq."

al Qaeda Poses as Defectors–Kills Iraqi Kurdistan Pro-American Top Leader

According to DEBKAfile’s military analysts, al Qaeda and Iraqi military intelligence have already fired the first shot in a US led war to force Iraq to disarm it’s arsenal of WMD – by assassination. They used their shared surrogate, the extremist Kurdish Ansar al-Islam of northeast Iraq, to murder the top command of the pro-American Patriotic Union of Iraqi Kurdistan’s fighting militia.

The three-way collaboration between Baghdad, al Qaeda and the Kurdish fundamentalist terrorists provided an indisputable smoking gun. The price was heavy, a grave setback for U.S. plans to disarm Iraq.

DEBKAfile’s military analysts compare the murders to the assassination of the Afghan Northern Alliance commander Shah Massoud 2 days before the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks in New York and Washington.

Then, the killers posed as journalists; this time, they pretended to be defectors.

While U.S. Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge and FBI Director Mueller caution U.S. citizens to remain alert, notice surroundings and report suspicious activities, some intelligence experts believe that al Qaeda is waiting for an attack on Iraq to maximize media propaganda, but attacks are planned irregardless. After the September 11th terror attacks, reportedly officials in China uncovered a terrorist plot against innocent civilians that had held out, waiting for a quick U.S. attack on Afghanistan in order to stage a show of retaliation. When this knee jerk reaction didn’t happen, reportedly the terrorist cell was still prepared to strike when they were discovered and arrested.

U.S. President Bush said of Iraq’s connection to terrorists that ".. an al Qaeda operative was sent to Iraq several times in the late 1990s for help in acquiring poisons and gases.We also know that Iraq is harboring a terrorist network headed by a senior al Qaeda terrorist planner. This network runs a poison and explosives training camp in northeast Iraq, and many of its leaders are known to be in Baghdad."