Researchers Make Historic Headway
in Battle Against Anthrax

(IFM) Researchers at The Technion – Israel Institute of Technology have succeeded in developing an innovative antibiotic agent that simultaneously attacks anthrax bacteria and the toxins that they release in the bloodstream of an infected person, Globes reported. A description of the development was published in the prestigious journal Angewandte Chemie’s international edition.

Prof. Timor Baasov of the Technion Department of Chemistry, together with Prof Chi-Huey Wong of the Scripps Research Institute Department of Chemistry, developed the inhibiting material, which could serve as a basis for a future drug against anthrax bacteria. The drug attacks not only the bacteria themselves, but also the poisonous protein that they release into the victim’s bloodstream. The editor of Angewandte Chemie called the new development a one-two punch and a knockout blow.

Prof. Ehud Keinan, Dean of the Chemistry Department at Technion – Israel Institute of Technology, said that the revolutionary development would have far-reaching consequences for the war against terrorism. The researchers will now continue their research on animals, in order to develop their invention for use on human beings.