Rescue Heroes: Billy Blazes

by Sammy Weiss

The famous Rescue Heroes have just made their debut on the Gameboy Advance.

Bright and colorful, fun and exciting; “Rescue Heroes: Billy Blazes” will be the best present you ever gave your 4-8 year old. The game offers a level of enjoyment where you’ll have the best fun playing as a hero firefighter. Action hero Billy Blazes, gives kids and the good guy in all of us a chance to become a real fire fighter, as Billy takes on the adventures of saving lives and battling fires for the inhabitants of Sky City.

When your kid gets started, he can start as a Rookie where he can’t loose, having all the gear and tools needed in the beginning, including a water hose that shoots out water with cool sound effects while knocking out mean looking flames. Also, you have the choice to start game play in the “Advanced”240 fire fighter level if you think you can handle it. As an Advanced fire fighter, Billy has more challenges to work through as he earns all the cool firefighter gear along the way.

The animal sanctuary is the first level and it’s where Billy must save some kids that have been trapped in a burning building and even some scared animals. After these important rescues, Billy Blazes works his way up through the levels to success at “The Statue of Justice.”

Children are led through different environments in both day and night scenes that are filled with fascinating colors and fires to put out and lives to be saved. The game gradually gets harder as you play along, so at level 1, children will use their basic gear and it will be very easy. But by level 2 it might take children 10 minutes to get through and they might have to use a different tool to pass the stage. By level 3 they may have to fight a different kind of fire, or there will be more people trapped by the fire, and so on and so on. The great thing about this is that it challenges. Kids will have to think more about what next steps to take, teaching the child how to compare options.

Another great addition is the array of different tools and gadgets the game allows you to use: from your basic water hose, to a grappling gun, water nozzles, a ladder, and even 2 shoulder axes powerful enough to break through concrete! You must use all of these wisely in different situations to overcome the obstacles and save the trapped people.

This game also has great gameplay. And without being serious, this game keeps up a light, comical, and cartoonish air, which is great in any kid’s game. For example, when you rescue someone trapped by the fire they instantly fly off… via helicopter backpack.

Using the basic building blocks of video games “Rescue Heroes: Billy Blazes” is a great first for any kid. You and your child will really like it; I certainly recommend it!

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