Pirates of the Caribbean


Pirates, before they became the target of music moguls, they sailed the high seas in search of adventure and booty. Hollywood has brought us many a tale of these ocean scourges from Tyrone Power in “The Black Swan” to “Treasure Island”. Disney in turn made pirates into an interactive attraction years ago, and pirates have peppered videogame consoles as well.

While many are awaiting the latest “Pirates!” adventure from Sid Meier, the creative captain who took PC gaming to new heights, Bethesda Softworks and Akella launched a pirate adventure of their own for PC and Xbox gamers. Although darker than real life adventures of real life swashbucklers like Jean Lafitte, who legend has it turned hero, fighting for liberty in the Battle of New Orleans and buried millions in booty in the Louisiana swamps, the game’s music and life-like adventures on the seas make it notable.

An Adventure Determined to Take You Back…

Set during the golden age of piracy, the old “new world” is an enchanting and wondrous land. Walking among the town folk, you feel like you are there. The raw wilderness of an island teaming with lush greenery alone pulls you in; the visuals truly make the game a spectacular difference.

Pulling off a RPG adventure game, complete with sword play, ship battles and commerce is hard enough, but to make the characters look authentic and to make the ships look like the real deal and not toy boats is a genuine achievement.

Pirates of the Caribbean is an extensive game where your choices determine what kind of person you will become: either an evil pirate doomed to everlasting darkness or a good pirate who can make it to the end credits. Though the game pulls away from the Disney film, it hasn’t steered quite clear of evil skeletons bent on destruction and some other mysticism which wasn’t in the adventure worlds of Lafitte and Captain Morgan.