PCTV HD Pro Stick Delivers HDTV Free To Your PC

As tech-tastic as it sounds, Pinnacle delivers a sure-fire simple solution for watching over-the-air HD television programming using only your laptop and a preprogrammed USB stick. Digital cable and satellite are the norm in households around the country, but if you want to take a break and experience a crystal clear picture on the go, travelers need look no further.

The PCTV HD Pro is an intelligent, all-in-one USB stick that shows how simple technology can be if it’s presented right. Just plug the stick in the side and off it goes. All the necessary drivers and programs for your PC install in just a few clicks and you’re ready to watch over-the-air television or plug in to your cable or satellite receiver’s output jacks and record your favorite programs to watch when you’re away.

The kit comes with a small travel pouch, a telescopic antenna for optimum viewing, a remote control, and an A/V cable to plug into a cable or satellite receiver or other video playback device like a VCR or DVD player. Like with TiVo, you can time shift the program you’re watching. The only real learning curve is adding channels to you television line up. Once plugged in, your antenna can be moved around to achieve optimum signal quality. It’s important to spend two or three minutes and use the built-in channel scanner when running the main program. When you move the antenna you may pick up different channels you’ve never seen before because they are not available through your cable or satellite provider. Depending where you are, you may want to move the antenna a couple of times and re-run the channel scanner.

Beyond being able to watch and record, Pinnacle packs in the extra ability to export your saved video to multiple formats including portable devices like the iPod or PlayStation Portable (PSP). These editing capabilities are usually only available through elaborate and expensive software suites, but Pinnacle pushes the complexities to the background and delivers a powerful package that is suitable for the average computer user.

Though powerful, this little device requires a lot of PC resources, so make sure you have Windows XP or Vista, at least 1GB of RAM, a Pentium 4 that is at least 2.4Ghz or a newer generation chip, and a Direct X 9 compatible graphics card with a minimum of 64MB of dedicated memory. In short, if you have a low-end laptop, you probably won’t make the cut.

Whether you just want to take a break and channel surf while waiting for your connecting flight at the airport or you want to build a library of episodes from your favorite television show for your iPod, the PCTV HD Pro stick delivers.

Check it out for yourself and grab it here: http://www.amazon.com/Pinnacle-Systems-8230-10020-71-Ultimate-Stick/dp/B000WR8CHY/