Bob Hope 1903-2003
Friend Sid Ceasar blessed Bob Hope with "Shalom" and friend and former movie mate Phyliss Diller said that her heart was at "half mast" hearing of his death. She said that Bob was a dear person, a patriot, hard working, and a good man who was so talented that he never told a dirty joke. Diller went on to say that Hope was a fine and strong a man who never smoked or drank and was always kind and generous. Writer and friend Sherwood Schwartz said that Bob was original, one of a kind, very generous and giving.

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The Transporter

Move over, Vin Diesel and The Rock, ’cause the Transporter is leaving Europe to take care of business across the pond. Hong Kong action veteran Corey Yuen is teaming up with French film phenomenon Luc Besson once again for a second round of Transporter action. Currently in production, a bigger and better film than the original has been promised, but one can only expect it after seeing how the original Transporter was Yuen’s first English-language directorial debut.
     "The Transporter" starred top-billed British action hunk Jason Statham–previously seen in "Snatch," and "The One"–playing a hard-driving courier for well-heeled underworld clients. He follows simple rules: (1) Stick to the deal; (2) Don’t ask names; and (3) Don’t look in the packages he transports. All was well until he violated rule 3, discovering a Chinese beauty (Qi Shu) in the trunk of his tricked-out BMW, and foiled a deadly plot to smuggle Chinese slaves through the port of Marseilles. (Full Story)


Starring Jean Reno, Michel Muller, Ryoko Hirosue, Carole Bouquet and Yoshi Oida. Directed by Gérard Krawczyck. Written and produced by Luc Besson. A TriStar release. Comedy/Action/Drama. French-language; subtitled. Rated R for some violence. Running time: 94 min.
     There has always been a dash of Asian chic in French action auteur Luc Besson’s highly stylized visions, though only recently has he openly embraced Asian talent, settings and themes. This has yet to manifest itself in his work as a director, but as a producer/writer it has become an increasingly prevalent fixation, as seen in such efforts as "Yamakasi," the Jet Li vehicle "Kiss of the Dragon" and "The Transporter," directed by longtime Jet Li collaborator Corey Yuen. None of these films, however, quite find the same endearingly offbeat balance as does "Wasabi," arguably the best script that Besson has written in years and a worthy directing follow-up for "Taxi 2" director Gerard Krawczyk (who has since gone on to direct "Taxi 3"). (Full Story)

Actor Gary Sinise Spearheads Effort to Aid Iraqi Children; ”Operation Iraqi Children"

Actor Gary Sinise announced today that three major non-profit organizations and FedEx Express are working together to deliver much-needed school supplies to children in Iraq. This effort, Operation Iraqi Children, is a grassroots organization co-founded by Sinise and Laura Hillenbrand, author of Seabiscuit: An American Legend.

KANSAS CITY, Mo.–Actor Gary Sinise announced that 3 major non-profit organizations and FedEx Express, the world’s largest express shipping company and an operating company of FedEx Corp. (NYSE:FDX), are working together to help schoolchildren in Iraq. It’s an effort coordinated by Operation Iraqi Children, a grassroots organization co-founded by actor Gary Sinise and Seabiscuit: An American Legend best-selling author Laura Hillenbrand. Operation Iraqi Children, which was inspired by conversations with Operation Iraqi Freedom soldiers as well as by Sinise’s recent tour of Iraq, encourages ordinary citizens to send school supplies and Arabic translations of Seabiscuit to Iraqi children. (Full Story)


Learn More in 2004, Mia the Mouse: The Kidnap Caper
The popular Mia the Mouse is on a French and Spanish learning adventure that will invite you into her world to help solve a mystery as to who kidnapped her precious Grandma and learn a new language as you help Mia with the search in new places. (Full Review) 


Sonic Adventure DX: Director’s Cut
Sonic Adventure is back! Now with all new graphics, better gameplay, 12 extra sonic games (that’s right, 12!), and more; Sonic Adventure DX easily triumphs over any other game.
     Dr. Eggman has found a new way to try and destroy the world: a creature called Chaos that, when it receives a chaos emerald, grows larger and more powerful. Dr. Eggman is out to get all seven chaos emeralds to create “Perfect Chaos” and take over the world… and, of course, only Sonic can stop him. (Full Review)

  Rescue Heroes: Billy Blazes
Bright and colorful, fun and exciting; “Rescue Heroes: Billy Blazes” will be the best present you ever gave your 4-8 year old. The game offers a level of enjoyment where you’ll have the best fun playing as a hero firefighter. Action hero Billy Blazes, gives kids and the good guy in all of us a chance to become a real fire fighter, as Billy takes on the adventures of saving lives and battling fires for the inhabitants of Sky City. (Full Review) 

Madden NFL 2004
Win the coin toss and kick off a fight to the playoffs and your quest for a Superbowl XXXVIII victory this season with EA Sports’ Madden NFL 2004 for PS2.
     You can play as last year’s winners the Tampa Bay Bucs, play in an underdog team like the Cincinnati Bengals, take over ownership of the New York Jets, or be extra daring and create your own team. (Full Story)

Get into the Game – US Army
A game bold enough to offer everything from basic shooting skills to intense action intrigue invites gamers to take it to the max. See if you have the right stuff to fight as a member of the Special Forces on secret missions. Segueing from real life to videogame and back again, the game and its website allow gamers to take a look at what real Special Forces do. They "are either on a real-world mission or training for one. Their missions are conducted worldwide and usually classified" –America’s Army (Full Review) 

Pirates of the Caribbean
Pirates, before they became the target of music moguls, they sailed the high seas in search of adventure and booty. Hollywood has brought us many a tale of these ocean scourges from Tyrone Power in “The Black Swan” to “Treasure Island”. Disney in turn made pirates into an interactive attraction years ago, and pirates have peppered videogame consoles as well. (Full Review)

Games to Toons
E3 is where the world of videogames takes center stage; and over its 9 year run, the expo has seen many a mascot and game character hoping to launch the next hit series. Few game characters have been able to achieve such prominence or longevity as Mario or Pacman, but when they do, there’s a chance they’ll expand out of their own realm onto television or film. Stepping outside the box has always been risky for our digital friends, but at E303, two videogame veterans showed they got what it takes to not only launch new titles on multiple gaming platforms this year, but that they can make a comeback on T.V.! (Full Story)

Actiontec Gives it All…
After you experience the benefits of high speed internet access, it’s like you’ve totally forgotten what life was like without the net. Instant page loads, fast downloads, music, and even on-line videogame adventures are the new norm, but if you have another computer in the house, reality comes to a screeching crawl, or in most cases, a complete stop. (Full Review)  

Top Cop: Ninja Five-O
Taking on the role of Joe Osugi (Ninja Five-O), it’s up to you to attempt to thwart a series of terrorist attacks, hijackings, and robberies that have taken place in various areas around New York (…Well it looks like New York). Joe has teamed up with the police force after learning that the attacks are headed by his old Ninjitsu trainers who have turned their ways to evil after opening an ancient chest filled with the four evil “Mad Masks”. Ancient ninjas had stored them away after some of them wore the masks, causing terror and destruction among their villages! (Full Review)

Gaming Extreme: E3 2003
E3: three blistering days of sensory overload for the lucky few (62,000 of us) who attended. Getting bigger, brighter, and bolder, every year the globe holds its breath to see what’s new, innovative, and hot from the mini metropolis known as the Los Angeles Convention Center. This year didn’t disappoint, with more stuff that you can shake a joystick at. Not only did we see Microsoft draw a sword and battle it out with Sony in the console wars with price drops (Xbox and PS2 on par at only $179 U.S.), but we saw the Army infiltrate via Blackhawk helicopter…. (Full Story)

Get Into Disaster Report
What would you do if disaster struck around you? Embedded journalists from around the globe faced this question and much more as war raged in Iraq, and here is your chance to become a reporter in the middle of a crisis. “Disaster Report” pioneers a new genre of video games by answering the ultimate “what if” and asks you in turn “what now?” Taking the role as, Keith Helm, a newspaper reporter looking forward to starting at his new dream job, life changes swiftly and unexpectedly when a disastrous earthquake hits Stiver Island. (Full Review)

Metal Gear Solid 2: Substance
In a world ravaged by terrorism, high tech weapons of war, weapons of mass destruction, and espionage, you bravely assume the role of an ultra top secret hero who battles evils to defend the free world in “Metal Gear Solid 2:Substance” for the Xbox. So, get ready for the triple thrill challenge of the newest Metal Gear story installment, a redux weighing full of new levels and beyond belief extras. (Full Review)


NBA 2K3: Hoop Dreams Defined
EA, 989 and the rest claim they got game when it comes to basketball sims, but who’s the REAL champ? Need look no further than SEGA’s NBA 2K3 for an all around amazing basketball experience that’s THE slam-dunk choice for either your Xbox, PS2, or Gamecube. Not only are the graphics top-notch, but the ESPN touch will give you the feel that you’re watching a live game. (Full Review)


The Ever-Question on EverQuest
In early 1999, Sony Online Entertainment released the game “Everquest” for the PC. The game not only did incredibly well in sales, but has a huge subscriber base for its on-line game service that connects thousands of gamers together to play in a fantasy world full of monsters, demons, wizards, witches, and warriors with magic powers. The graphics are not very impressive, but the gameplay has been said to be so habit forming that many have dubbed it “EverCrack”.
     Now in 2003 EverQuest is back and bigger on the PlayStation 2, a videogame system that sits in millions of households across the world. (Full Story)

Noah Puzzle Fun For Kids of All Ages!
RealOne Arcade’s new release of “Noah’s Ark Deluxe” offers kids and adults a simple game of rescuing God’s creatures great and small. At first look, the game easily falls into the puzzle genre, but incorporating the idea of the animals going in two by two changes things up by giving you the role as matchmaker and animal organizer. (Full Review)



NFL 2K3 Super Bowl
Since Sega Sports launched the NFL 2K group, they have been climbing toward perfection. Now with top-notch graphics and the innovation of bringing in exclusive ESPN announcing and play-by-play commentary, they have reached their goal to bring you the best football game ever! NFL 2K3 is a big touchdown for Sega and is YOUR ticket to more action during halftime or to make a great Super Bowl party even better! (Full Review)


You’re an elite super spy, fighting to save freedom, but it isn’t always easy! You’ll find yourself shadowing the enemy to penetrate terrorist hideouts and using all your skills and wits to survive.
Quarter moonlit nights provide cover as you avoid detection, jump roofs, and escape exploding buildings. Keys to tracking down the enemy are secrets that you get only from your contacts. Your mission: to seek and retrieve intel while staying as stealthy as possible! (Full Review)

Ham-Hams Unite!
Guest Review By Alex, Age 12

Don’t be fooled by the first part of the name! In fact this game is perfect for all kids whose parents don’t want them to play some of the much weirder Gameboy Color games out there. You play as a hamster scurrying around trying to find all of his hamster friends in time for a big surprise. (Full Review)


Sonic’s Mega Collection
How does twelve games for the price of one sound?

It may sound too good to be true, but Sonic Mega Collection offers a mega selection of classic Sonic titles as well as two hidden Genesis titles. Not only is the disc packed with games, but you also get tons of Sonic media and artwork. So, if you missed out on the games that rocketed Sonic and SEGA to stardom, or even if it was before your time, here’s your chance to discover the fun that people around the world have enjoyed for years. (Full Review)

Documenting Metal Gear Solid 2
Gearing up for the highly anticipated Metal Gear Solid 2: Substance, Konami has released a new Metal Gear game of sorts. “The Document of Metal Gear Solid 2” is an amazingly in depth DVD, that not only takes you through the making and design of the game, but also gives you a taste of Substance’s new action with 5 VR missions that will be featured in the new suped-up re-release. (Full Review)


SEGA’s Head Coach Runs a New Gameplan
For over 4 decades SErvice GAmes has been at the forefront of Electronic Gaming. From co-founder David Rosen’s innovative strategies in establishing arcades across Japan to the adaptation of SEGA’s Naomi arcade board into a home console (the Dreamcast), SEGA has remained on top through its daring game plans and sound leadership. And, in 1999 Sega of America got a new head coach: Peter Moore.
    After sending the Dreamcast to the showers in 2001, Coach Moore decided it was time to restructure the team at SEGA. A year later, we had a chance to catch up with him at E3 2002, to see how his game plan was going. (Full Story)

US Subs Receive Special Gift from Video Game Industry
Every one of the 72 submarines in the American fleet now has a new state-of-the-art video game console, plus about 20 of the current top-selling video games, thanks to an unprecedented drive by the U.S. computer and video game industry to show support and thanks to American troops waging the war on terrorism, the Interactive Digital Software Association (IDSA) announced (Full Story)