Palestinian State, Israeli & US Public


Source: Yoram Ettinger The Jerusalem Cloakroom

1. ISRAEL’s JEWISH ELECTORATE OPPOSES THE ESTABLISHMENT OF A PALESTINIAN STATE BY A 61%:31% MARGIN, according to a February 26, 2003 poll, conducted by the leading Israeli pollster, Geocarthography, and commissioned by the Ariel Center For Policy Research. The question posed was: "In light of the track record since the signing of the Oslo Accords, do you support or oppose the establishment of a Palestinian State?":

* ISRAEL’s MIDDLE INCOME (7,000-10,000 shekels per month) LEADS THE OPPOSITION to a Palestinian State (68%), compared with 60% opposition by the lower income (up to 7,000) and 58% opposition by the higher income (over 10,000).

* ISRAEL’s MIDDLE AGE (35-54) opposition amounts to 68%, trailed by 64% of the younger generation (18-34) and 49% of "seasoned" Israelis (55+).

* TERTIARY EDUCATION GRADUATES (High school+) oppose the establishment of a Palestinian State by 70%, ahead of elementary school graduates (63%) and academicians (55%).

* OLIM (NEW IMMIGRANTS) oppose the establishment of a Palestinian State by 68%, ahead of second generation Israelis (66%), Europe/US-born Israelis (55.8%) and Asia/Africa-born Israelis (56.4%).

* JERUSALEM and NEGEV Israelis express overwhelming opposition (69%), compared with Tel Aviv (57%), coastal plane north of Tel Aviv (57%) and Haifa and the Galilee (54%).

* RELIGIOUS folks reject a Palestinian State by 84%, compared with 64% of traditional Israelis and 47% of the secular electorate.

* MULTI-CHILDREN parents (over 5) object to a Palestinian State by 67%, compared with 65% by parents of 3-4 children and 49% by parents of 1-2 children.

* MEN EXCEED WOMEN 64%:58% in their disapproval of a Palestinian State.

2. MOST AMERICANS OPPOSE FOREIGN AID TO THE PALESTINIANS and DISAPPROVE OF THE ESTABLISHMENT OF A PALESTINIAN STATE, according to a February 12, 2003 poll conducted by John McLaughlin & Assoc., commissioned by the ZOA. By a 77%:12% Americans oppose foreign aid to the Palestinian Authority. 51%:26% believe that a Palestinian State would be another terrorist, rather than peaceful, state. 61%:19% are convinced that a Palestinian State would seek Israel’s destruction, rather than peace. 71%:13% opine that the Palestinian Authority has not fulfilled conditions required for the establishment of a Palestinian State.

3. "THE USA and ENGLAND ARE THE ENEMIES OF PALESTINIANS AND MUSLIMS…May Allah eradicate the infidels and afflict them with earthquakes… Allah shall punish them and shall feed the fish with their flesh…" (a typical Friday sermon and teachings by Arafat-appointed preachers at the Temple Mt., attended by 40,000 worshippers, broadcast live on PLO radio and TV, January 10, 2003).