Gaza Palestinians Storm Border with Egypt

RIA Novosti Photo

GAZA (RIA Novosti) — Hundreds of Palestinians from the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip tried to force their way to Egypt through the Rafah crossing, eyewitnesses said.

Only the sick and those with visas, around 150 people, were allowed to cross into Egypt, leaving several thousands behind. The crossing was then closed.

Egyptian border guards used water cannons to disperse the angry crowd, which threw stones at them and Palestinian security forces.

The clashes come despite Israel’s move to reopen crossings to allow for essential supplies through, previously suspended following militant rocket attacks.

Israel and Hamas-led militants are under a six-month truce, which came into force on June 19 after Egypt was involved in mediating a ceasefire between the two sides. The deal is limited to the Gaza Strip and is constantly under threat by rocket attacks prompting Israel to repeatedly close its border crossings.