Saddam: Sponsor of Terror


The remains of a car still smolders after an Australian journalist and 3 Kurdish fighters were killed in a terrorist car bombing in northern Iraq, March 22, 2003. Security officials of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) said the Ansar al-Islam group, which Washington has linked with al-Qaeda, was responsible for the bombing. Witnesses said the journalists were waiting to enter the village of Khormal when a taxi drew up beside them and exploded, sending a huge cloud of smoke into the air.

Photo by Reuters (Handout)

Over 300 Chemical suits, gas masks and nerve gas antidotes were found by Coalition forces after successfully taking out members of Saddam’s forces Sunday. Finds like these are being discovered throughout Iraq, even at sites where only a few Iraqi forces are firing upon troops. Embedded reporter Rick Leventhal with FoxNews gave an account where a small site that had been quickly abandoned by Iraqi forces showed up with chemical and gas protection gear, along with uniforms and civilian looking clothes.

Reportedly, a massive terrorist facility used by Ansar al-Islam and al Qaeda to make poisons was destroyed in northeast Iraq over the weekend by Coalition forces.

Great Britain, Spain, Italy, Germany and France are among the nations that have broken up and arrested terrorist suspects who had been plotting attacks on innocents using poisons. Recipes for deadly agents were found during some of the arrests, and In London recently the deadly poison ricin was found after intelligence information led officials to a popular Islamic Mosque.

The terrorist MO of homicide bombing was used on March 29th, near Najaf when a bomber pretending to be a taxi driver in distress, ignited his bomb after four U.S. 3rd Infantry Division soldiers approached his taxi to help him and were killed by the blast. As Saddam has done for families of Palestinian homicide bombers who kill innocent Israeli citizens, the family of the taxi driver terrorist who killed the friendly U.S. soldiers received about $34,000 from Saddam’s regime in addition to other honors.

A T-55 tank smolders in the background as Iraqi soldiers surrender to British Royal Marines near Basra.

Terry Richards / Mod Pool

Saddam’s terrorist group Fedayheen Saddam, known for its executions and brutal tactics against Iraqi civilians, took a severe hit Sunday by a historic alliance of B-1, B-2 and B-52 bombers. The war planes took out their barracks in Baghdad during a planned air campaign.

Precision bombing is continuing into the 12th day of the Coalition forces’ mission to disarm Saddam and his regime of weapons of terror. One site was the presidential palace of Qusay – the head of Saddam’s Republican Guard.

Iraqi VP Tariq Aziz announced Sunday that Arabs from over 23 nations were prepared to be homicide bombers. According to reports, over 4,000 terrorists will be involved in fighting to save Saddam’s regime. The Palestinian terror group Islamic Jihad pledged their full support of Saddam.

Security analyst Ed Turzanski told FoxNews on Sunday that there is no doubt that Iraq has been the logistical support of terror operations around the world. He added that in 1991, Palestinian leader Arafat pledged his support of Saddam.