Successful Operations Target Two Top Taliban Leaders

KABUL, Afghanistan (ISAF) – ISAF soldiers in support of Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan conducted successful operations that killed two Taliban leaders, Mullah Abdul Matin and his associate Mullah Karim Agha in Helmand Province.

"As a result of this successful attack, the Taliban’s networks have suffered another severe setback," said Brig. Gen. Carlos Branco, ISAF spokesperson. "Each successful operation ensures insurgent disruption that gives way for stability operations to take place."

There was no evidence of any civilian casualties after this operation.

Matin and his followers were responsible for crimes in and around Helmand Province and attacks against ANSF and ISAF troops. He was the mastermind behind several suicide bombing missions in Helmand Province that resulted in the deaths of many innocent Afghan citizens.

"This is another clear victory for the people of Afghanistan to one day secure peace in this country from those who seek to undermine peace, stability, reconstruction and development," General Branco said.