…A child’s point of view of the Holocaust


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"Margaret Marketa Novak’s life serves as an inspiration for me and my family. Here is a story of personal growth and great courage along an extraordinary journey. Faced with both personal and national tragedies, she has always managed to find a path of redemption for herself and others."

Rabbi Levi Meier, Ph.D
Chaplain, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center
Psychologist. Author, "Ancient Secrets"; Using the Stories to Improve Our Everyday Lives; Moses–The Prince–The Prophet; His Life, Legend & Message for Our Lives".

"Margaret Marketa Novak is a woman whose heart abounds with love and generosity and whose soul contains profound courage and wisdom. She is the ideal author to tell this inspirational story, a memoir that is a saga of survival…and even more of triumph."

Gloria Carlin, Actress & Lionel Chetwynd, Writer, Producer, Director

"Margaret Marketa Novak’s first-person account of her living through the Holocaust, and her overcoming those horrors to live a full, productive and creative life is an extraordinary testimony to her tenacity, and mission of testimony. She deserves a full readership."

Shoshana Dolgin Be’er
Former Secretary to Dr. Israel Katz, Minister of Labor & Social Welfare, State of Israel.
Historian, Amit Women International.