Noah Puzzle Fun For Kids of All Ages!


RealOne Arcade’s new release of “Noah’s Ark Deluxe” offers kids and adults a simple game of rescuing God’s creatures great and small. At first look, the game easily falls into the puzzle genre, but incorporating the idea of the animals going in two by two changes things up by giving you the role as matchmaker and animal organizer.

You must (of course) rescue as many animals as possible and bring them safely to the ark using simple puzzle logic. Join the frogs, the elephants and other assortments of creatures together before the rain finally sends Noah back to the ark like a bolt of lightening (It’s pretty comical when he finally realizes it’s time to go).

 Three game modes are available to choose from:

Action – Fast action matchmaking
Strategy – Similar to traditional puzzle games, you must figure out what animal groups to choose in a specific order to be able to clear the game screen of all animals.
Puzzle – Figuring out how to reorganize or swap the animals in order to match the same kind of animal together in rows of 3 or more

The whole game is very wholesome as well as having great replay value when you strive to archieve a higher rank than "Stable Boy". Also, if you want to try something new, you can always switch the game mode! So if you want some fun to do on a rainy day or even a sunny day, take a break for a few minutes and re-live the story of God’s great animal rescue and have a lot of fun!

To Download the Free Demo or to Purchase the Game Now, Click HERE

Note: Install RealOne Arcade console before download