Top Cop: Ninja Five-O

”Ninja Five-O” is by far one of the best games out for the Gameboy Advance

Taking on the role of Joe Osugi (Ninja Five-O), it’s up to you to attempt to thwart a series of terrorist attacks, hijackings, and robberies that have taken place in various areas around New York (…Well it looks like New York). Joe has teamed up with the police force after learning that the attacks are headed by his old Ninjitsu trainers who have turned their ways to evil after opening an ancient chest filled with the four evil “Mad Masks”. Ancient ninjas had stored them away after some of them wore the masks, causing terror and destruction among their villages! The plot may seem silly, but it all just adds to the fun of the game.

The first thing you notice is the graphics. Everything is very fluid, smooth, and seamless. It feels like your watching a cartoon. And as far as 2D goes, this game has very well made characters and backgrounds. The characters themselves have some clever shading, giving them a slight 3D appearance. Also, without being corny, this game has a slightly cartoonish look and feel but at the same time it takes on a sense of seriousness (Well you’re still fighting terrorists!). Like a good comic book, the game balances out the two, making it more enjoyable than other games that are too serious or just out of whack.

As for difficulty, Ninja Five-O is difficult but at the same time not annoyingly hard. Instead, the game presents a challenge that–to my surprise–can become pleasingly addictive. Also it expands the game, forcing the player to use new techniques to get past difficult zones and battle bosses. Hostages are also being held by the terrorists, so Joe must be careful when taking out the bad guys. Hurting a hostage is bad news for Joe. And when the action gets too intense or an area is a little too tricky, Joe can turn on his super moves to cut down every bad guy on the screen or just become invincible for a few seconds to walk across spikes

One of the great innovations of this game is a gadget called the “Grappling Hook”. This tool allows Ninja Five-O to latch onto walls, swing around, reach platforms, and do many other things so he can quickly overcome an obstacle. With this addition, Joe can become an all out Spiderman! This side of the game makes it great fun to play with along with Joe’s ninja stars and power upgrades.

With the speedy gameplay, interesting storyline, and other fun features, Ninja Five-O would have been a good contender for game of the year during the hey-day of the Genesis and Super Nintendo. A game like this on the Game Boy Advance brings back the fun of 2D platformers, making it great buy this summer—especially if you want to make the best out of a long road trip.

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