NFL 2K3 Super Bowl


Since Sega Sports launched the NFL 2K group, they have been climbing toward perfection. Now with top-notch graphics and the innovation of bringing in exclusive ESPN announcing and play-by-play commentary, they have reached their goal to bring you the best football game ever! NFL 2K3 is a big touchdown for Sega and is YOUR ticket to more action during halftime or to make a great Super Bowl party even better!

Looking back on Sega’s NFL 2K2 title, gamers will be blown away by this incredible update. Whether you want to play a quick game of football, challenge a friend at your house or over the net, or even create and manage your own team, NFL 2K3 presents the ultimate football experience with a wide array of customizations. Heck, you can even access your favorite teams from yesteryear (In case you’re playing with your dad, or if you’re a super fan)!

When you first turn on the game you’ll notice the very realistic graphics, capturing the feeling and excitement of football! Whenever a pass is incomplete or you get a touchdown you get to see the player march off in anger or do his victory dance. There’s some real expression on the players’ faces as well. Bringing the visuals flawlessly together is the game’s camera work, showing replays with the same visual style as an actual NFL game. Also, the little things like turf, snow, and rain are all done beautifully to add to the realistic experience. People walking past the room will think it’s a real game!

Apart from the graphics, the sound effects and audio are also very lifelike. When you perform a head-on tackle you’ll hear the differentiated clashes of helmets, and afterwards you may hear the shouts and whistles of individual fans in the crowd cheering you on to victory. Along with helpful comments from the announcers (which is sometimes a real plus for novice football fans in understanding the rules of the game), the ESPN announcing in itself is so well done and fluid. It finally breaks the barrier of past games where announcers came off sounding robotic and detached from the action on screen.

The controls of the game are simple to master as well with just a little practice. During a play (there are TONS to choose from, with suggested plays just a button push away), it’s always easy to switch players as the game literally anticipates your thinking. The ability to take complete control over your selected team member’s movements—be it running, stutter stepping, hurdling, or diving for the in-zone—truly immerses the gamer into the action.

When you get further into the game you will notice the extensive range of options you can tinker around with like control of weather, penalties, etc. But, one of the most widely talked about additions is the ability to become the owner of any team you want! “Franchise Mode” is like a whole different game in itself. Here you take on all the powers of being coach as well as being on the field so you get both sides of the action. Not only do you get to create your coach, but you must also negotiate in order to get the best team together. This feature alone is incredible because it’s so interactive. Some may find that the business aspects of football, like scouting and setting up trades, isn’t for them, but many out there will find this to be one the game’s big highlights.

As for on-line capabilities, NFL 2K3 works with Xbox Live and the PlayStation2 Network Adapter, so you have the option to challenge anybody on the internet! If you just want to see how good you rank, turn on the Sega Sports Challenge mode and complete games to get a special ranking code. Logging on to SegaSports.com adds a entertaining new dimension for those who are challenging opponents via the ‘net “live”, and is especially good for those gamers who don’t have their consoles connected.

2K3 is definitely a must have. It’s an awesome fix-up from the previous 2K entries and will keep you going for hours. Head on over to Sega Sports to get more info and to order the game today: Click HERE

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