September 11-30 Stories

Tali-Bad: Network of Terrorists
The Taliban baits America stating that not only is Osama Bin Laden under their control, but that it would be futile to even attempt to overthrow their organization. HERE

New Anti-Terrorism Bill: ‘Rewards for Countries that Help Us’
Congressman Sherman’s new ant-terrorism Bill has passed which will require the United States to scrutinize countries on how they are helping us in fighting the war on terrorism before they will receive any financial assistance. HERE

Marines Give Scholarships to Victims’ Children
Every child who lost a parent in the terrorist attack on the Pentagon Sept. 11 will receive a $10,000 college scholarship bond from the Marine Corps Law Enforcement Foundation Inc…. HERE

Japanese Prime Minister Koizumi visits U.S. to Discuss Sept. 11th Attack
The Prime Minister visited New York Mayor Giuliani and Gov. George Pataki, a visit with President Bush is Planned. HERE

Mrs. Bush addresses the children of America
In two letters today, one for Grade School students and the other for High School students, the President’s wife tries to explain the tragedy and comfort the children of America. (9-13-01) HERE

British Paper Tells of the Horror in the Sky
A little girl watches one of the terrorists slit the throat of a stewardess moments before her and her mother’s plane slam inside the World Trade Center tower. In a terrifying coincidence the little girl’s uncle was in one of the towers, soon to make it out alive. HERE

Deep Space 1 survives clash with comet
New rare photos were snapped of the comet’s nucleus. The tale of Deep Space’s brush with comet Borrelly stuns scientists.

September 1-10 Stories

National SAT Scores Up in 2001
There’s good news for education in America! HERE

Unmanned aerial vehicle missing. The United States Air Force reveals that the aircraft was shot down in Iraq. HERE