May 1-15 Stories

Terror Attack in Russia: Blast Toll at 41
MOSCOW (Reuters) – The death toll in Russia’s Victory Day bombing near Chechnya rose to 41 Friday, and foreign expressions of sympathy seemed likely to fuel Moscow’s case for a tougher crackdown on its unruly southern rim.
     The blast ripped through a crowd celebrating Russia’s 1945 victory over the Nazis, killing women, children and bandsmen in the Dagestan town of Kaspiisk on the Caspian Sea, across the border from Chechnya. (Full Story)

U.N. Sex Book Encourages Pedophilia and Bestiality
NewsMax– A pro-abortion book distributed at the current United Nations Child Summit endorses sexual gratification with children and other non-consenting persons, and even suggests that animals and inanimate objects are appropriate subjects for human "sexual response."
     The UNICEF-funded book, aimed at mothers and teenagers, was given to delegates from Latin America. It promotes sexual activity and abortion among teens – and includes the following passage… (Full Story)

North Koreans Charge Embassies Seeking Freedom
BEIJING (Reuters) – Two North Koreans were holed up in Canada’s embassy in Beijing on Sunday after entering the compound in an apparent asylum bid, the latest in a spate of similar incidents at foreign missions in China.
     China is currently embroiled in a diplomatic row with Japan after a video caught Chinese police pulling North Korean asylum seekers from Japanese consulate grounds in the northeastern city of Shenyang last week. (Full Story)

Arafat Calls For Another Million Martyrs
(Arutz Sheva – Israel National News) CNN repeatedly aired Yasser Arafat yesterday saying that he wants peace with his Jewish "cousins" in Israel – while at the same time he was calling for “one million martyrs” to march on Jerusalem. Arafat made the call while addressing a crowd during his visit to PLO-controlled Shechem in his first foray outside of Ramallah in almost six months. Israel had confined Arafat to the city following a wave of PLO terrorism. During his Shechem visit, Arafat vowed to continue his battle towards the “liberation” of Jerusalem from Israeli control. (Full Story)

When Nowhere Is Safe…
A happy and beloved five-year-old girl was one of four people who were murdered in their family homes this week in the quiet community of Adora. Several residents were stunned when Palestinian terrorists disguised as trusted soldiers from Israel cut through the community’s protective perimeter fencing and snuck into homes, burst into bedrooms and fired bullets into innocent people, including children.
     Danielle Shefi, 5, was playing with her mother, Shiri, and two brothers in her parents’ bedroom when the terrorists invaded their bedroom and sprayed them with gunfire. Shiri struggled with the terrorists to try and stop the assault. She managed to close the door of the bedroom and hid with the children underneath the bed. But Shiri’s attempts to protect her children from the terrorist invasion were futile. Her tiny daughter Danielle was shot in the head by the terrorist at point-blank range and died.
     Before the Palestinian terrorists had fled the area, their home invasion serial killings left 4 people dead and 7 more bloody from the attacks. (Full Story)

Chain-whipping Robot’s a Mine-Blower in Afghanistan
The hard case, dressed in olive drab, sat sullenly on the floor. The nickname, "mini," seems a misnomer; there are stories about chains being whipped about to explosive effect.
     The dangerous job of blowing up anti-personnel land mines is the remote-controlled mini flail’s specialty. Co-developed by the Army and Marine Corps, the robot looks somewhat like a scaled-down, driverless Zamboni machine. For military and humanitarian reasons, the robot has cleared mines for years in Bosnia and Kosovo. Now, it’s a veteran of Afghanistan. (Full Story)

‘Smiley Face’ Bomber A ‘Liberal’ Anti-Semite
21-year-old Luke Helder who has admitted placing 18 pipe bombs in rural mailboxes in five states grew up middle-class and came from a seemingly normal two-parent home in a small town in Minnesota. Unlike previous domestic terrorists, Helder was not a loner or antisocial. During high school he played golf and football and even sang in the school choir.
     Helder continued his path in music and played in a grunge band called "Apathy". On "Apathy’s" website, he wrote, "I party, play guitar, and talk online to everyone. That’s my life." His Apathy for Jews is evident in his listed personal e-mail address… (Full Story)

May 16-31 Stories

British-led Coalition Battle Al Qaeda, Taliban Fighters
British forces launched Operation Condor to support an Australian Special Air Service patrol engaged in combat with al Qaeda and Taliban forces in the mountains of southeast Afghanistan.
     "I can confirm that the coalition has made contact with the enemy and that some have been killed," Royal Marines Brigadier R.G.T. Lane said at a press conference this morning. "A number of attacks by air have been conducted." (Full Story

Loss, Patriotism Feelings Rise at Memorial Day Events
When Coast Guard Chief Petty Officer Tracy Thomas started singing "America the Beautiful," a few people in the Memorial Amphitheater here began waving small American flags. By the time the chief had finished everyone was standing and waving the Stars and Stripes.
     A sense of loss and patriotism were palpable feelings in the crowd, as America marked its first Memorial Day at war in a generation. Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz presided at a presidential wreath-laying ceremony at the Tomb of the Unknowns and then delivered the Memorial Day address. (Full Story)

Yemen: A U.S. Partner in the War on Terror
President Bush is determined to hunt down terrorists wherever they hide. So is Yemen’s President Ali Abdullah Saleh.
     Bush has called for "a sustained campaign to deny sanctuary to terrorists who would threaten our citizens from anywhere in the world." Every terrorist, he said, must be forced to live "as an international fugitive with no place to settle or organize, no place to hide, no governments to hide behind, and not even a safe place to sleep." (Full Story)

First Lady in Prague
Terezin– U.S.First Lady Laura Bush with U.S. Ambassador to the Czech Republic Craig Stapleton honored Holocaust victims in Terezin, the site of a former Nazi concentration camp. Czech Prime Minister Milos Zeman, speaking at the annual ceremony marking the camp’s liberation, said it is important for new generations to remember the past so that such atrocities might never be repeated.
    While history shows that the anti-Jewish propaganda by Hitler/Goebbels effectively saturated the minds of many to accept the human extermination, PM Zeman showing wisdom of such history warned of the dangers from those who would deny the Holocaust.
     According to records, the 200 year old town—also known as Theresienstadt—was transformed by the Nazis into a camp where Jews from across Europe were massed until they could be transported to extermination camps. Over 150,000 prisoners entered its gates. 35,000 died there of stress, hunger and atrocious living conditions, recounted by Daniela Lazarova of Radio Prague.
     U.S. First Lady Laura Bush and representatives from 25 other nations laid wreaths at a mass grave for some 10,000 Holocaust victims. On Monday, Mrs. Bush will visit Prague Castle for a meeting with President Havel and his wife Dagmar and later she is expected to deliver a radio address to the Afghan people. The U.S. First Lady is scheduled to join President Bush on Wednesday for an official visit to Germany, Russia, France and Italy.

Rumsfeld on Iran, Iraq and North Korea
Secretary of Defense Donald H. Rumsfeld: "While terrorism has existed for decades as low-intensity conflict, its rise in recent years, its frequency, its intensity and its scope, as well as its use by terrorist networks with global reach, make it a problem that — not just a few countries, but indeed it’s a problem of civilized nations everywhere" (Full Briefing)

Afghan Firefight Results in ‘Friendly Force’ Casualties
American and allied Afghan military forces conducting a raid May 31 mistakenly fired on other friendly Afghan troops, killing two and wounding three, a U.S. military official reported from Afghanistan today.
      At about 1 a.m. local time, a U.S. Special Forces element and the allied Afghan troops engaged in a firefight near the village of Khomar Kalay in southeastern Afghanistan, said Maj. Gary Tallman, a public affairs officer with U.S. Army Combined Joint Task Force 180. The fight lasted less than two minutes. No Americans or accompanying Afghans were injured. (Full Story)

Wolfowitz in Philippines for Counterterrorism Efforts
Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz met with Philippine President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo to discuss on-going counterterrorism training in her country.
     Wolfowitz said he had the sense that the Philippine leader was pleased with the help U.S. military trainers and engineers have provided the Philippine military to date.
     Wolfowitz said U.S. forces "had observed the ground rules" while dealing with their Philippine allies. The United States has about 1,000 service members in the Philippines. U.S. Special Forces soldiers are helping train elite Philippine units to hunt down Abu Sayyaf terrorists hiding on the island of Basilan. (Full Story)

Russia: A New Peace, A New Friendship
Last November’s meetings and recreation at President Bush’s Texas ranch ended with an invitation to continue talks in Russia and to visit President Putin’s hometown, the beautiful city of St. Petersburg. At the end of May, President Bush embarked on a European tour and spent 3 days in Russia. On the business side, a landmark treaty was signed, and on the leisure side, the Putins escorted the Bushs on a tour of Russia’s highlights.
    Events included gallery viewing, a warmly received university appearance, historic houses of worship, an evening at the ballet and dinner during a river ride.
     President Putin, while speaking at the Hermitage Museum with President Bush summed up the trip: "As far as the staying of Mr. President and his wife in our home yesterday, I would like you to know…our personal relations…have been greatly strengthened… I’m dealing with very honest and upward and straight people."
     "As far as the results of this visit are concerned, I would like to say that myself and my experts, all my experts, we have been discussing the results of the visit…and we have officially agreed that we are satisfied and all the goals of this visit have been achieved." (Full Remarks)

Eyes Now on India and Pakistan
With tensions mounting between the two nuclear powers, the 16-nation Asian security summit in Kazakhstan began Monday. Currently around a million troops combined from both sides are staged along the border.
     Though Pakistan has been seen as an ally in the war on terror, India has fallen victim to terror attacks from Pakistan-based militants. In December, terrorists were responsible for the attack on the Indian parliament. And most recently, on May 14th, over 30 were killed when terrorists raided an Indian army camp in Kashmir. Current reports indicate that Al Qaeda members have entered the disputed Kashmir region to incite chaos in an already delicate situation. (Full Story)

More Than Heroes: Bulgaria’s Courage
Many Historians, as well as the people who lived through World War II, have kept alive the memory of the Holocaust and the stories of good and evil that surround those tragic events. We have heard the stories of war heroes and individuals who risked their lives to save innocent Jews, but rarely, have we heard of the kind of courage which took place in Bulgaria.
     Nearly a Half Century ago 6 million Jews were murdered in the Holocaust. Axis countries, such as Hungary and Austria obediently responded to Hitler’s demands to send their Jewish populations to their deaths, however the Axis country of Bulgaria refused Hitler’s demands and stood obstinate to protect the innocent. The people of Bulgaria as well as the Royal family under King Boris III would not allow any harm to come to their friends, neighbors and their fellow citizens. (Full Story)