Classic Rug Collection Introduces
Lakiya Rugs at Jewish Marketplace

Hand-Made Bedouin Rugs to Make their Official Bow at the Javits

NEW YORK, New York — Classic Rug Collection, Inc., will introduce its “Lakiya Collection,” a series of flat-woven wool rugs and accessories, at the Jewish Marketplace. The distinctive tribal carpets are hand-woven by Bedouin women in Israel using wool from sheep raised in the Negev Desert. Lakiya is a cooperative venture between the Palestinian Bedouins who produce the rugs and accessories and the Israeli women who market them.

Barbara Barran, Classic’s president, decided to utilize the festive, pre-Chanukah atmosphere of the Marketplace for the line’s premiere. “I felt this was the perfect venue for the inauguration of this exciting new line. Our booth will feature rugs, pillows, and handbags that can be purchased, as well as information about custom orders.” Barran will also have several examples of her own custom hand-tufted rug designs on display at the show.

Barran has been developing her association with Lakiya over the past year. “My former production manager, Miki Baytel, moved back to Israel, so this was the perfect opportunity to establish a relationship with Lakiya,” notes Barran. “Miki’s participation helped to ensure that the women of Lakiya and I understood each other clearly. Although I started studying Hebrew at the age of five, I can speak Hebrew only to G-d, not to people!”

Traditional tribal-designed rugs form the basis of the collection; standard sizes are small enough to be used as wall hangings, while the largest standard size rug is 6’7”x9’10”. Sizes are determined by the width of the ancient wooden looms used by the nomadic Bedouin women for thousands of years. Narrow strips of cloth are stitched together artfully to create rugs of varying widths. Some of the rugs are used to produce pillows and handbags.

Only women are involved in the entire Lakiya process: They raise the sheep, shear them, dye the wool in ancient copper vats, spin the yarn, weave the rugs, and then market them. “I love working with products that are designed or made by women,” says Barran. “This is similar to my venture with the quilters of Gee’s Bend, Alabama, but in this case, the women actually make the rugs.”

Standard designs and colors are available for $45/sq.ft., custom orders $50/sq.ft. Delivery for custom orders takes approximately twelve to fourteen weeks, depending upon the size and complexity of the rug.

Barran is also looking for retailers who would like to carry the Lakiya line. “The women of Lakiya are ready for growth,” notes Barran, “and I would like to help them achieve their goals. That way, both women-owned businesses will thrive!”

To see Classic Rug Collection’s new Lakiya Collection, visit Booth #208 at the Jewish Marketplace, Jacob K. Javits Center. Show hours are:

Saturday, Dec. 17: 8:30 PM-midnight;
Sunday, Dec. 18: 11:30 AM-6 PM;
Monday, Dec. 18: 11 AM-4PM.

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