NBA 2K3: Hoop Dreams Defined


EA, 989 and the rest claim they got game when it comes to basketball sims, but who’s the REAL champ? Need look no further than SEGA’s NBA 2K3 for an all around amazing basketball experience that’s THE slam-dunk choice for either your Xbox, PS2, or Gamecube. Not only are the graphics top-notch, but the ESPN touch will give you the feel that you’re watching a live game.

Enough can’t be said about the game’s visuals. The shine of the court, the fluid movement of the players and their realism will bring you in! You can easily tell each player apart and when time presses on, you can see by how the players are sweating, they’re pressed too! With every replay, your player is in the spotlight with the camera accenting your movements as you bust a move for the basket. The replay menu is designed to allow you to analyze your gameplay and includes a Matrix-like freeze-frame feature where you can see your player at any angle. Along with the basic camera work, the game goes farther with it’s visual styling, such as the ESPN half time run-down and the ”Hot at the Half” report.

SEGA’s got the graphics playing tricks on you, making you think it’s a real game, but how about the sound? No more will you have to cringe at the thought of hearing the same jerky and repetitive commentary, but you can turn up the sound to get pretty good input from the guys at ESPN mixed in with the squeaking sounds of sneakers running across the court and the crowd cheering in a roar. The Xbox edition also features Dolby Digital 5.1, so if you got the hookups, crank up your audio system!

Beyond the graphics and sound, you can’t win without gameplay. SEGA gets things goin’ on the court with it’s fast-paced and improved action, such as pivoting and faking a pass, but they expand on the idea of a basketball sim, to bring you multiple modes, including good ol’ street ball.

If you’ve ever dreamed of owning your own team so you could sign your favorite players, SEGA gives you a shot at being the boss. From getting coaches to scouting for the next Kobe Bryant, Franchise Mode alone can keep you going until NBA 2K4 comes out; hopefully you’ll be able to transfer your hard work.

But if trading players and organizing a team isn’t for you, how about playing against a friend or two, or three, or a thousand! Ok, ok, there won’t be a thousand people on the court, but you can eventual play against thousands of other basketball fans if you got an Xbox or PS2. Got an old friend who moved away, or do you want to see how good you really are? What are you waiting for!? Plug in and get on-line with Xbox live or the PS2’s network adapter for hours of thumb-numbing action.

SEGA brings you a massive package that is a must for any basketball fan, whether they have played the latest basketball sims or don’t know an Xbox from a cardboard box. With all the extra features added to the basic game, it’s almost like you’re getting an expansion disc for free. Those who only want to buy one basketball game this year need not look back after they rip off the plastic and pop in the game disc.

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