Computer and Video Game Industry Donates Games to Troops

Washington, D.C. — August 27th, 2002 — Every one of the 72 submarines in the American fleet now has a new state-of-the-art video game console, plus about 20 of the current top-selling video games, thanks to an unprecedented drive by the U.S. computer and video game industry to show support and thanks to American troops waging the war on terrorism, the Interactive Digital Software Association (IDSA) announced today.

"The generosity the IDSA displayed in making these game consoles and games available to our people is outstanding," said Force Master Chief Donald Kultti, U.S. Submarine Force. "We are really working our people hard these days and this sort of thing permits them an escape from the demanding schedule that requires perfection out of them all. Thanks to the IDSA for their contributions to the men of the United States Submarine Force. We appreciate them."

Douglas Lowenstein, president of the IDSA, the trade association representing American computer and video game publishers said, "Our armed forces have always shown remarkable skill and dedication to protecting our country and, indeed, the world, from all manner of threats, and especially so over the past year. While overseas on active duty, our troops can’t enjoy many of the things they relax with at home, so we decided to bring the games they love to them as our small way of saying ‘thanks’."

Working with the U.S. Navy, the IDSA coordinated industry donations so that each of the 72 Navy submarines received a game console and a selection of top games. IDSA members donated a total of more than 1,700 games to this effort. On average, every ship received approximately 20 games from among the 76 different titles donated. Many of the games have been best sellers and have been critically acclaimed.

"Through a commercial sponsorship agreement with the Interactive Digital Software Association, more than 10,000 sailors serving aboard submarines worldwide, are now enjoying the recreation and social benefits of video consoles and numerous electronic games," said Kelly Powell, head of the Mission Essential Branch, Morale, Welfare and Recreation Division, Navy Personnel Command. "These consoles and games provide sailors with a much-needed distraction and recreation during the limited free time sailors enjoy on board submarines. The Sailors of America’s Submarine Fleet send a sincere ‘thank you’ to the folks at Interactive Digital Software Association for their thoughtfulness and kindness."

Microsoft Xbox, NINTENDO GAMECUBE, Sony PlayStation? and Sony PlayStation 2® consoles were accompanied by games donated by: Acclaim Entertainment; Activision, Inc.; Capcom; Crave Entertainment; Eidos Interactive; Electronic Arts; Fox Interactive; Infogrames, Inc.; Interplay Productions; Konami of America, Inc.; LucasArts Entertainment; MGM Interactive; Microsoft Corporation; Midway Home Entertainment, Inc.; Namco Hometek, Inc.; Nintendo of America; NovaLogic, Inc.; Sega of America Dreamcast Inc.; Sony Computer Entertainment America; Take-Two Interactive Software Inc.; THQ, Inc.; Ubi Soft, Inc.; Vivendi Universal Games; and Working Designs.

Navy Morale, Welfare and Recreation (MWR) Division (PERS-65), Navy Personnel Command, is responsible for establishing, maintaining and improving quality of life for Sailors and their families worldwide. The Navy’s Mission Essential Branch, a component of the MWR Division, concentrates on fulfilling the (QOL) needs of Sailors serving at sea, I.e., ships, squadrons, and submarines.