NATO Mediterranean Patrols Board 100th Ship

NATO Photo
(NATO) NATO’s naval counter-terrorist operation in the Mediterranean, Active Endeavour, has recently completed its 100th compliant boarding of a suspect vessel, in continuing effort to protect against terrorist activity in the region.

Reaching such a significant number of compliant boardings in one of the most sensitive and crowded shipping routes is a significant milestone for NATO.

Under Operation Active Endeavour, NATO ships patrol t he Mediterranean , monitoring shipping and boarding any suspect ships to help detect, deter and protect against terrorist activity.

Operation Active Endeavour has also been providing escorts through the Straits of Gibraltar to non-military ships from Alliance member states requesting them.

To date NATO ships monitored more than 75,000 vessels, boarding some 100 suspect ships. In addition, over 480 ships have taken advantage of NATO escorts.

The Operation evolved out of NATO’s immediate response to the terrorist attacks against the United States of 11 September 2001.

As the Alliance has refined its counter-terrorism role in the intervening years, the operation’s mandate has been regularly reviewed and its remit extended.