Modern Threats Require Common Strategy

NOVOSIBIRSK (RIA Novosti) — Russian President Vladimir Putin has come out for a common strategy in countering global threats and challenges.

Today special services are faced with common tasks, including the fight against WMD proliferation, international terrorism, transnational crime and drug trafficking. A priority for them is to work out a common strategy based on international law for countering global threats and challenges. This is what the Russian president’s message to the fourth international conference of senior special service officers, and the security and law-enforcement top brass, currently held in Novosibirsk.

The president’s message was read out by Anatoly Kvashnin, the presidential envoy to the Siberian federal district.

"The agenda of your forum includes a set of important and pressing issues. Ensured national security, and law and order are a pledge of stable sustainable development of the country, and peaceful and calm life of millions of people. Success here depends on the efficiency of security structures in individual countries and their coordinated efforts," the document reads.

Nikolai Patrushev, the FSB director who took the floor at the conference, urged special services to set up a system of counter-measures aimed against suicide bombers.

"The fight against terrorism is complicated by the increasingly frequent appearance of suicide bombers in crowded places and in transport," said Mr. Patrushev.

Efficient counteraction to this threat requires a coordinated system of counter-measures, he said.

Mr. Patrushev also added that special services should upgrade information exchange practice, above all, in sharing operational information.

According to the FSB director, it should increase trust between the partners and help work out common approaches to the fight against terrorism.

"We should strike a balance here, between unconditional respect of national laws, on the one hand, and operational expediency, on the other," said Mr. Patrushev.