NATO’s Expansion and Russian Military Policies

NOVO-OGAREVO (RIA NOVOSTI) – Russia will be implementing the appropriate military policy in connection with NATO’s expansion toward the Russian Federation’s borders, Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Friday evening, after his talks with Germany’s Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder wound up.

"Russia doesn’t have any security-related concerns in connection with the expansion of NATO. However, our experts are analyzing the re-deployment of NATO’s military infrastructure near Russian borders rather attentively. We’ll be implementing the appropriate military policy," Vladimir Putin told correspondents.

We hope that all problems will be solved within the framework of the Russia-NATO Council, perceiving such cooperation as the main scenario for expanding our relations with this structure, the Russian leader said.

According to Mr. Putin, Russia-NATO relations continue to develop positively. We didn’t voice any apprehensions in connection with the expansion of NATO, noting that NATO’s expansion didn’t serve to eliminate present-day threats, Mr. Putin added.

For his own part, German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder noted the need for heeding Russian interests during the examination of foreign policy and security policy issues.

These issues will be discussed by the Russia-NATO Council, which was established for precisely this purpose, Mr. Schroeder added, voicing hope to the effect that the afore-said problems will be solved.