Learn More in 2004, Mia the Mouse: The Kidnap Caper


By Israel O’ Connell and Emily Washington

Kutoka: "Mia’s Language Adventure is the fourth title in this award-winning software series, and like the other titles in the series, is designed to make learning fun."
Mia the mouse has won over 40 awards including the Seal of Approval from the National Parenting Center, the All Star Software Award from the Children’s Software Revue, the Children’s Media Honor from the Parent’s Guide Awards, and the Award of Excellence from the Review Corner.

The popular Mia the Mouse is on a French and Spanish learning adventure that will invite you into her world to help solve a mystery as to who kidnapped her precious Grandma and learn a new language as you help Mia with the search in new places.

It’s very difficult to make a game that is enticing for kids and even more amazing when the game actually teaches something like a foreign language. Kutoka’s “Mia the Mouse: The Kidnap Caper” goes above the limits and actually involves you in the experience of solving the mystery while learning a new foreign language. The levels go from beginning to advanced language levels and as you progress the game journey gets more and more exciting.

Mia’s language adventure starts with the opening of the story where Mia and her friends are seen having fun at an art festival. Mia’s grandmother Mimi has just won an award for her art entry when suddenly the lights go out. Everything is dark, and you can hear the sounds of a scuffle. When the lights go back on Mia discovers that her Grandma Mimi has mysteriously disappeared from the crowd!

The very first activity introduces the alphabet of the new language.

Romaine (The bad guy in every game) however is still around. Who could have done this? Well that important investigation and rescue job is up to you, Mia, and her friends to find the clues and safely bring Grandma Mimi back home!

The process of finding the clues and uncovering the mystery brings you step by step through Spanish and French.

At the very start of the mystery caper, the game introduces the sights and sounds of the alphabet of the language that you want to learn. You can start playing the game in either French first than Spanish or visa versa, it’s your choice.

Commonly used words like "Blue" or “Cat” are taught using pictures to start building up your vocabulary. Then sentences are slowly formed, and adjectives and verbs are explained. This is an easy and steady process that literally guides you through the new language of either Spanish or French.

But what makes you want to play and learn the language? Well Mia’s adventure draws you in, and being a “discoverer” (as the game calls it) is exciting. The only way to beat the game is to observe your surroundings and find the hidden clues and objects. The adventure is on from the beginning which makes learning the language both fun and satisfying!

Another reason this game is so effective, is that it’s excitingly interactive. The characters and colors, for example, are so bright, happy, and lively that it really draws you into the game. Also, the graphics are so stunning and realistic, that when you play it, it almost feels like you’re with Mia at that moment! The game also keeps up a cartoonish air and comedy that kids love.

As for difficulty, “The Kidnap Caper” is great for children of all ages as well. With adjustable levels of “Beginner”, “Intermediate”, and “Advanced” any child as little as 5, or as big as 10 can play and succeed.

The "Buzz Boys". Another creative addition to "Mia the Mouse: The Kidnap Caper"

Mia’s “The Kidnap Caper” has a couple challenges for kids to overcome. Like for example, words like “the” or “by” or “to” are only taught later in the game. Minor words like these can be very important in any sentence… however, the learning experience with Mia is so much fun, a little bit of patience and research will bring the new student a lot of enjoyment as they advance to the intermediate mode.


Lively, comical pictures are used to represent adjectives.
Something else that is helpful to know is that the game does freeze up occasionally on some systems. However, this can be easily overcome by simply saving every time you find something or you complete an activity. Don’t get me wrong though, it’s worth the one click effort to save, because Mia and the Kidnap Caper must be the most fun way to learn a new language and a great way to start 2004 with the language you have always wanted to learn –Spanish or French.

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