Lego Indiana Jones Whips Up the Fun

By Stephanie Ross

In the lengthening line of comedic Lego character games, the light-heated jokesters at LucasArts put a comedic twist on another George Lucas film favorite with “Lego Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures”. So, get your bull whip ready and put your fedora on because there’s action, adventure, and mystery ahead for players of every age!

Whether you’re playing on the PS3, Xbox 360, or Wii, Lego Indiana Jones will pull you into the fun and fantastic world of Lego. The smooth graphics carry well across the different platforms, so the result for every gamer is a lively cartoonish experience where nearly everything is made of Lego bricks. The smiles experienced when picking up a toy store Lego brick set featuring tiny plastic characters engaging in amazing adventures will transfer to laughs after popping in your game disc or cartridge.

George Lucas’ and Steven Spielberg’s epic collaboration on the Indiana Jones film series is re-envisioned with a softer edge, more suitable for children, yet in a comedy style that adults will appreciate. The little Lego guys and gals we all love are dressed up as Indiana, Marion, and the rest of the gang from the first three Indiana Jones films. During cut-scenes which propel the story forward, there will be silent film style gags, and in game there will be little surprises that will have you chuckling.

Gameplay is simple, and for the most part you set the pace. Fighting Nazi baddies has never been more fun. Punch them out and watch them break up into to little Lego pieces or get fancy and use weapons or vehicles to break through to your goal. As you progress in your journeys as Indy, you’ll trade him off in-game to play as different characters from each film. The game is choc full of little puzzles to solve in order to get to the next area of the level you are in. Many puzzles will require you to trade off the character you are currently playing for another, so that you can reach a higher area or use a certain tool. Many will find that the puzzle solving elements of the game are akin to Tomb Raider.

If you get frustrated with a puzzle, you always have the option to return to the game’s main area, Barnett College, where you can buy characters, play mini-games, and jump from film to film to seek out more adventure. If you ever get bored or stuck, just go back to school and see what’s in store.

The value of Lego Indiana Jones lies in the game’s replay value. When you get the hang of it, you’ll want to replay every level over and over with new characters you have acquired. Secret areas are only accessible by some characters, and your efforts will be well rewarded.

Well rounded, Lego Indiana Jones stands up well to its Lego Star Wars predecessors. The graphics are on par with what can be expected of a Lego world, the music serenades with an A+ score from the original film series, and the replay value makes it a game you will keep coming back to as you discover something new every time you play. If you wanted more out of Lucas’ films, you can even consider this game a kind of “special cut”, because you’ll play through scenes of the films that never existed but add on nicely to the stories.

Suitable for all ages, “Lego Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures” is a gaming experience you won’t regret. Kids will love the Lego aspect, and adults will enjoy seeing these classic films come to life like never before. Luckily, the game is available for every nextgen console and handheld system, from the Xbox 360 to the Nintendo DS. So whether you like playing on the road or in your living room, Lego Indy is right there with you.