Israeli-U.S. Operation ‘Juniper Cobra’ Ends Successfully

Israeli Air Force Photo
(IDF) A joint command exercise of the IDF and US armed forces has come to a close. The exercise entailed simulations of missile defense which ended successfully. Computerized simulations of aerial defense were carried out during the exercise. According to authorities from both militaries, the exercise acts as a bridge for cooperation and is essential for mutual drawing of conclusions.

The exercise, known as ‘Juniper Cobra 07’, strives to enhance cooperation capabilities, understanding, and joint operation between the IDF and the United States Armed Forces. It took place as part of an agreement between Israel and the US; having joint exercises on a regular basis. It should be noted that the preparation for the exercise took over a year, and is not a reaction to any of the occurrences in the region. "Since we began carrying out the exercise, in 2001, it has become increasingly intense, extensive, and better than in previous years," noted a senior source at the Israel Air Force.

Observers from both militaries expressed their approval of the results of the exercise. Additionally, they were content with the sharing of data and knowledge, and the cooperative studies which took place. The exercise was lead by the Anti-Aircraft unit of the IAF, and represents another link in the chain of close cooperative operations between the armed forces of both of the nations.

Conclusion of Joint Israel-US Military Exercise

(IDF) Israel and the US successfully concluded this month, a joint, computer-based simulation air defense training exercise: Juniper Cobra ’07.

The exercise, designed to improve interoperability, understanding and cooperation between the Israeli Defense Forces and US military forces, was conducted as part of an agreement between Israel and the US to hold bilateral training exercises on a regular basis.

Juniper Cobra ’07 had been planned for more than a year and was in no way related to any real-world events.

Military observers from both sides were pleased with the results of the exercise and said that Juniper Cobra ’07 enabled each side to learn from each other’s knowledge and experience.

The exercise was led by the Air Defense Element of the Israeli Air Force and constitutes another link in the close cooperation between Israeli and US forces.