Italy Takes Over Herat Provincial Reconstruction Team

HERAT, Afghanistan (CENTCOM) – Italian Col. Aldo Guaccio assumed command of the Herat Provincial Reconstruction Team from U.S. Navy Cdr. Kimberly Evans.

The ceremony was part of the International Security Assistance Force expansion into western Afghanistan, marking the reduction of U.S. forces in the west.

“Our friends, the Italians, will continue to nurture the new growing Afghanistan,” said Evans, after more than a month of transitioning with the Italian civil affairs team in Herat.

The U.S. forces will move to other regions of the country to create new PRTs and continue reconstruction efforts elsewhere. Meanwhile, Italian forces will continue reconstruction and humanitarian efforts in Herat and outlying provinces.

The PRT’s involvement in the region focuses on agriculture, civic support, education, health, humanitarian assistance, irrigation, water and sanitation, repair of civic and cultural facilities, rule of law and governance, and telecommunication and transportation enhancement projects.

“A lot has to be done in order to reach our objective, and I hope to continue on the same track as (the) American endeavors. It is Italy’s promise to help this nation to continue towards its goal of peace,” said Guaccio.