Tel Aviv Club Reopens After Terrorist Bombing

(IFM) Less than a week after a suicide bomber exploded himself on its premises murdering five people, the Stage nightclub in Tel Aviv reopened Thursday, YNET reported. The club’s owners decided to reopen the site before the end of the seven-day mourning period as a message to terrorists that life goes on. The venue’s entrance has been renovated, the lobby repainted, and virtually all signs of the attack have been removed.

The Stage nightclub’s reopening night featured a show whose proceeds were donated to the Beilinson hospital in Petah Tikva.

Returning to the club for the first time since the bombing was not easy for security manager Tsachi Uami, who sustained light injuries in the attack. "All the difficult scenes came back to me," he said. "I was holding the injured and dead in my hands."

Another security manager, Micha Mizrachi, said two of the guards injured in the attack told him they would be unable to return to work. "I said I’m coming back here because I don’t want to let some bastard who blew up here to change our lives," he said.

Israel Searches for Tel Aviv Bombers

(IFM) The Israel Defense Forces and the Israel Security Agency have deployed large forces in and around Tul Karm this past week in an effort to locate the Islamic Jihad members believed to be responsible for the suicide bombing that killed five Israelis in Tel Aviv last week, Ha’Aretz reported. Security sources said the operation in Tul Karm deviated from the Sharm el-Sheikh understandings in which Israel had agreed to confine its actions to arresting "ticking bombs" (terrorists about to carry out attacks).

The IDF explained the Tul Karm area had turned into a sort of "bubble" where different security rules applied than in the rest of the West Bank. For its part, the Palestinian Authority arrested on Sunday six Islamic Jihad members in Tul Karm who are suspected of being involved in the bombing.