Israeli Ambassador to UK Asserts Non-Involvement in Gusinsky Affair

LONDON (RIA Novosti, by Alexander Smotrov) — Israeli Ambassador to London Zvi Hefetz says he is not involved in the bank fraud in Israel, in which Russian businessman Vladimir Gusinsky is said to have his hand in.

"I do not know anything about the affair," Ambassador Hefetz told RIA Novosti.

It became known on March 7 that Israeli police had exposed the largest bank fraud in Israel, in which hundreds of millions of dollars had been laundered via a branch of the Hapoalim bank.

Former Russian media tycoon Vladimir Gusinsky was named among main suspects in the case.

On March 8, Israeli daily Haaretz quoted its sources close to the investigation as saying that there was "solid evidence" of Gusinsky transferring a lot of money by proxy to bank accounts in Israel.

The money is believed to have been quickly transferred to the millionaire’s foreign accounts to conceal where it came from.

According to the Haaretz, Mr. Gusinsky will be summoned for interrogation once he is back from abroad.

The same goes for Ambassador Zvi Hefetz who had been Gusinsky’s representative in Israel before being appointed ambassador to the UK.