Separate Iraq Operations Net 62 Terrorism Suspects

(AFPS) Coalition and Iraqi forces operations in Iraq northeast of Fallujah and in Anbar province recently resulted in the detention of 62 suspects, military officials reported.

On March 1, Iraqi soldiers from 2nd Brigade, 9th Iraqi Army Division, and U.S. soldiers from 1st Battalion, 66th Armored Regiment, 1st Brigade Combat Team, 4th Infantry Division, detained a suspected terrorist northwest of Baghdad based on a tip. The detainee is suspected of being a member of a bomb-making cell responsible for a roadside bomb attack that killed a U.S. soldier in February. The incident is under investigation.

Northeast of Fallujah, coalition forces conducted multiple raids February 27 to capture al Qaeda facilitators involved in the logistical support of suicide bombers, foreign fighters and the funding of terrorist activities. Based on intelligence and reporting, coalition forces targeted numerous safe houses. The raids resulted in the detention of 61 individuals who will be questioned regarding their knowledge of, or involvement in, terrorist activities. A large number of weapons and ammunition found during the raids were destroyed in place.

(Source: MFI)