U.S. Soldiers Provide Immediate
Response Following Terrorist Attacks

BAGHDAD, Iraq (CENTCOM) — U.S. soldiers from 2nd Brigade, 6th Iraqi Army Division, disarmed a vehicle- borne improvised-explosive device March 12, preventing further loss of life in Sadr City.

During the night, three blasts reportedly exploded in various parts of Sadr City, killing 52 residents and wounding 78, according to Iraqi police reports.

The 2nd Bde., 6th IA Div. activated more than ten military ambulances, which entered Sadr City to provide aid, along with Iraqi Soldiers, who assisted in assessing the situation, securing the locations affected and transporting the wounded to medical treatment. The Soldiers also helped provide traffic control around the stricken area.

An Iraqi explosive ordnance disposal team succeeded in disarming one VBIED terrorists targeted against the civilians of east Baghdad.

“Iraqi Security Forces showed great compassion responding to this emergency in their own city,” said Col. Thomas Vail, commander, 506th Infantry Regiment, 101st Airborne Division, whose brigade trains and conducts operations with the 2nd Bde., 6th IA Div. in east Baghdad. “It is significant the Iraqi Police and Iraqi Army worked very well together.”

The valor and professionalism displayed by Iraqi army soldiers was evident when they captured a 120 millimeter mortar system, which could have been used to cause even more casualties to area residents.

“The 2/6 Iraqi Army showed great partnership with the residents of Sadr City by sending a great number of ambulances and securing the scenes to assess the damage and help the citizens get treatment,” said Lt. Col. Paul Finken, officer-in-charge, 506th Inf. Regt. training team, which works closely with the soldiers of 2nd Bde., 6th IA Div.

The incidents are under investigation by Iraqi authorities.