IDF Forces Thwart Terrorist Attacks


IDF special forces arrested two Islamic Jihad terrorists planning to carry out an attack inside Israel early last week. The Islamic Jihad terrorists, as well as an additional wanted Palestinian, were arrested in the village of Rah’i, south west of Jenin.

Also IDF forces prevented a terrorist attack when they located a cache of explosives including pipe bombs at the Nablus Casbah. The IDF was successful in seizing and destroying a variety of explosive materials, including 15 pipe bombs, a 10 kilogram bomb, and iron used to manufacture shrapnel. The explosive material was detonated in a controlled explosion by IDF sappers.

In addition, IDF forces uncovered an explosive device weighing tens of kilograms in the village of Sahbastia, north of Nablus. The explosive device was detonated in a controlled explosion. No injuries were reported.

IDF Forces in the Gaza Strip Come Under Fire

Terrorists fired at an IDF position near the Israeli community of Gadid, in the southern Gaza Strip. No injuries were reported, but damage was caused to the position.