A "Hollywood", FL Production: Israel 60

World Bnei Akiva and Jewish Agency emissaries around the globe have been working for months towards the big day: Israel’s 60th Independence Day!

Aviel Schary, World Bnei Akiva and JAFI emissary in Hollywood FL took part in a project organized at Browser Mimonodies Academy, Hebrew Day school: “The staff tried to think of the most creative way to get the students involved. Therefore, we decided to create a huge photo, writing ISRAEL 60 using the students as letters!”

All the students from the elementary school were asked to come wearing blue and white and hold Israeli flags. Schary, which served in an elite combat unit of the IDF was moved by the event: “It was moved, when I saw all the hundreds of children wearing the Israeli national colors and participating in the huge project. We try and connect the students to Israel every day of the year – and when Yom Ha’atzmaut approaches, we finally feel it was worthwhile.

The Jewish community of Young Israel, Hollywood Ft. Lauderdale will celebrate Yom Haatzmaut and Yom Hazikaron this Wednesday evening. “This year we decided to ‘upgrade’ the regular ceremony in honor of the 60 years celebration” Schary explains, “We will combine a show that consists of an Israeli flag dance and a ‘Stomp’ style rhythm”.

The Jewish community in Florida is the second largest concentration of Jews, in the US.