Hamtaro Ham-Hams Unite!


Guest Review
By Alex, Age 11

Don’t be fooled by the first part of the name! In fact this game is perfect for all kids whose parents don’t want them to play some of the much weirder Gameboy Color games out there. You play as a hamster scurrying around trying to find all of his hamster friends in time for a big surprise. By now your probably thinking this game will be like “Barney’s Hide and Seek Game” for the Sega Genesis. No, this game is higher above that.

When you start off you are told about the newest craze Ham-Chat words, and if you look at the cartoon you will find that words like “KooshKoosh” and “DigDig” are used constantly and are only used when Hamtaro is doing something. Well they have taken these, put them in the game, added a few and created Ham-Chat! Using Ham-Chat words I thought made the game all worthwhile, giving it its RPG feel an interesting addition.

In the economics of sunflower seeds–where money truly grows on trees–you can buy Hats, Clothes, dance music, and other items (you can even buy a Gameboy at one point) enabling you to dress your hamtaro anyway you like. Also if you want to see your hamtaro dance (who wouldn’t?) to themes like “Mary Had a Little lamb” then you can by buying dance music.

Another thing great about this game is that it will take a lot of road trips, boring moments, and wherever else you play this game for you to get all the shop items, complete every level, learn all the Ham-Chat words, and get all the dance music, making this a long but enjoyable and wholesome game.

Being a great game I would give it 9 *.