"We shall knock on heaven’s doors with the skulls of Jews" – Hamas


By Itamar Marcus PMW

The Palestinians have reported that recent talks between the Palestinian Authority and the Hamas have led to a strengthening of cooperation. Indeed numerous terrorist attacks have been executed by joint Hamas – PA terror teams. Given the increased PA cooperation, the political messages of the Hamas take on greater significance. The following two items now appear on the Hamas website. The first describes the killing of Jews as the way to Islamic heaven and the second deals with the religious question as to whether a woman terrorist may dress without the traditional Islamic garb when the Islamic garb hinders her ability to commit terror acts.

An ax is crashing down on the words "the Jews". On the ax are the words “Al-Kassam" the name of the Hamas terrorist unit. The face is of arch terrorist Immad Akkel, who planned and executed more than 13 terrorist attacks.
1.) A picture on the “art page” carries the title: "We shall knock on heaven’s doors with the skulls of Jews". Web address of Hamas "art" page: www.kataeb-ezzeldeen.com/Mosharakat/index.asp [NYJTimes Note: The above link contains content of an extremely offensive nature. Please exercise caution when accessing.]

2.) Religious law question in the "Religious Law Corner"

"Must the female suicide seeker [Istishehadiya -Palestinian term for suicide bomber] about to execute an operation, dress in accordance with the Sharia [Moslem religious law], knowing that if the operation is to be in an Israeli area… the woman will be exposed?”

Answer: “The question of the hijab [woman’s head-covering] is not open to discussion. This is a commandment and obligation a Jihad warrior may not forgo. A second point is that in our streets and cities, occupied by the Jews [all of Israel is considered ‘occupied’], our sisters may walk about dressed in their Shar’i clothes, even with veils on their faces and wearing gloves. The third point, and it is very significant, is that our sisters, the Jihad warriors, can deceive the Jews by wearing clothes of the type worn by the so-called religious Jewish women which is acceptable under the Sharia. Onward the Shahid [Death for Allah] convoy!”