Funding Abu Mazen’s Hate Education

By Yoram Ettinger

Abu Mazen’s hate-education has benefited from US foreign aid ($3BN), which has been extended – since 1994 – to the Palestinian Authority (PA), to Palestinian NGOs (all of which are controlled by the PA) and to international organizations, which assist the PA (e.g. UNRAW).

The Palestinian Terrorist Act 2006 (H.R. 4681) – introduced by Representatives Ileana Ros-Lehtinen and Tom Lantos – would stop such misused funding to the PA.

1. Abu Mazen’s education system reflects his ideology/strategy, more than his dialogue with the West. Abu Mazen is the architect of PA education, shaping long term attitudes toward Israel and the Jewish People. It is the main manufacturing line of homicide bombers, a role model/reservoir for Islamic and international terrorism.

A Feb. 9, 2006 analysis of 2004-5 PA school textbooks was conducted by Israel’s "Center of Intelligence Legacy".

2. Abu Mazen’s education system idolizes martyrdom-homicide bombing (5th grade "Our Beautiful Language" pp. 31, 36, 70; 10th grade "Grammar" p. 30), denies the Mideast roots of Judaism, of the Jewish People and of Israel, repudiates Israel’s right to exist, fuels anti-Semitism and glorifies "the claim of return" (code name for the destruction of the Jewish Country).

3. Shaheeds (homicide bombers) "live next to Allah" (5th grade "Our Beautiful Language" p.26) and their blood is pure (10th grade "Grammar" p.146 and "Islamic Education – part II" p.48 and 5th grade "Our Beautiful Language" p.32). A full chapter in 5th grade "Islamic Education" glorifies Shaheeds, including the first female Shaheed and a mother of four Shaheeds (pp.42-44). Supporting Shaheed families is a pinnacle of morality (5th grade "National Education" p.16, 10th grade "Environmental and Health Sciences" p.54). Palestinians revere a religious war on Israel (10th grade "Islamic Education – part II, p.50). A popular male’s name is Jihad (Holy War).

4. Israel’s establishment – in 1948 – is "the beginning of occupation" and the 1967 War is "continued occupation". Pre-1967 Israeli towns are "illegal settlements" (10th grade "Modern World History p. 64). The 1917 Balfour Declaration is damned (5th grade "Mathematics – part II" p. 114, "Our Beautiful Language" p. 57).

5. Israel does not exist, according to all PA maps and PA school textbooks, but in a disparaging manner. It is replaced by "Palestine" (5th grade "History of Ancient Cultures" p. 53; 10th grade "Modern World History" p. 86; 10th grade "Environmental Sciences" pp. 112,114). Haifa is Palestinian (5th grade "Our Beautiful Language" p. 86), as are the Galilee and Nazareth (10th grade "Home Economy" pp. 36-7), the Lake of Galilee (5th grade "Physical Geography" p. 25) and the Mediterranean lies on the Palestinian coastline (ibid p. 26).

6. The "Claim of Return" is the central theme, to be realized via Holy War at the expense of Israel’s existence (5th grade "Our Beautiful Language" p. 88).

7. The "Protocols of the Elders of Zion", which spearheaded Soviet Anti-Semitism – a best-seller in the PA and in Arab countries – has been integrated into Abu Mazen’s education system. The "Protocols" expose the racist nature of Zionism and its plan to control the globe (10th grade "Modern World History" p. 63).

8. The Jewish connection to Zion is denied vehemently, and the reference to Judaism is mostly derogatory. 5th grade "Muslim Education – part II" pp. 46, 52, 54-55 claims that Moses and Aaron were sent by Allah, in order to convince Pharaoh to accept Islam!

9. Holocaust Denial is promoted by "Modern World History", consistent with Abu Mazen’s own Ph.D. thesis at Moscow University, (10th grade "Modern World History" p. 83).